“Natural” Doesn’t Mean “Safe”.

Date: March 3, 2010 8:38 PM
Topic: “Natural” Doesn’t Mean “Safe”.

I was reading entries in the Skeptic’s Dictionary today and came across a very interesting and humorous entry for “Natural”. You can read the entire entry here http://www.skepdic.com/natural.html. In fact, I’d recommend reading it because I have some thoughts on this so what I’m about to say might make more sense if you read it first.

The general upshot of the entry is that “Natural” doesn’t necessarily mean “Safe” or even “Healthy” for that matter. For instance, a rattlesnake is natural, as is the venom it produces. Being bitten by said snake is also natural in the sense that biting and injecting venom is a natural response of a rattlesnake to perceived threats. But I think most people would agree that just because a rattlesnake is “natural” doesn’t mean that it’s “safe”, and being bitten by a rattlesnake is not definitely not healthy.

I would recommend thinking about this the next time you see or hear the word, “natural”, being used to sell or promote something, wether that something be food, medical treatments, cleaning products, clothes or whatever else you can tag with the “natural” label.

James Walker


One thought on ““Natural” Doesn’t Mean “Safe”.

  1. *high-five*

    Snake venom, as you know, is also medicinal…but not directly via administration from the snake itself! LOL…

    …I’ve had this conversation with people before, and it gets VERY annoying…VERY quickly. I’m all for homeopathic remedies and holistic medicine, but people are too quick to fall prey to that “Natural” label without really understanding that hormones injected into cattle, pork, and chickens to allow for “All Natural Ingredients” on the label is still honest, if a bit disingenuous. *snarky face* For remedies, such as herbal concoctions, I would recommend ANYONE speak to someone who is actually LICENSED to dispense herbal remedies, and not to play self-healer while walking into an herbal supply store. Many of the natural agents we have on this planet are VERY useful, but too many people do not understand their properties, how their used, proper dosages, when to NOT administer them, and why it’s so important to keep them AWAY from children. People get rather fanatical on this subject, but this is one I rarely back away from. Good on you for bringing this VERY important subject to the table for discussion. 🙂

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