Home Based Schooling and What Our Kids Need To Know About Evolution

MSNBC is reporting that the majority of textbooks being sold for home schoolers are religious based and either don’t cover the theory of evolution well or teach a creationist viewpoint of creation. The gist of the article is how hard it is for parents who want to give their children a standard science education to find the textbooks that provide good lessons on evolution.

What I am curious about, and what the article doesn’t really address, is what are the graduation standards for science in the various states? Is being able to demonstrate a working knowledge of evolution a requirement for graduation?

Evolution is a scientifically validated theory. It explains much about what we know about biology and chemistry, which in turn is the foundation of our modern medical, agricultural and technological industries. A lack of understand of evolution is going to be a handicap for any student wishing to study science, engineering, medicine or technology in college. In my opinion It must be a requirement for high school graduation.

I haven’t had a chance to research this yet, so I’m hoping to get some feedback about this. If anyone has information about graduation requirements and evolution, please share your data and thoughts.


One thought on “Home Based Schooling and What Our Kids Need To Know About Evolution

  1. An interesting place to start, if you haven’t found it yet, is the history of Texas and education — with respect to the textbooks annually. 🙂

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