Happy Pi Day!

Today is Pi day. The celebration of that beautiful, almost mystical, never ending mathematical constant. Even Google is celebrating the day with one of it’s famous Google art logos.

There are plenty of interesting news articles out there today that are reporting on this, so if you are interested, just google “Pi day”. You can also visit http://www.piday.org/. Wikipedia has a good entry on it as well: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pi_Day .

Why do I care about Pi day? Well, besides being the day geeks and nerds celebrate Pi, it is also Albert Einstein’s birthday. It is also because I love math and science. I am fascinated by the intricate beauty of the universe we live in and Pi is a great example of that beauty and intricacy. Also, I’m a geek (and proud of it!) and geeks love this kind of stuff!

So celebrate the beauty that is Pi! Make a cake (round, of course), or even better, a pie! Speaking of pies, here are some cool, albeit geeky, Pi pies:



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