Could an Angry Vagina be the source of womb diseases such as fibroid tumors?

I came across this article on one of the blogs I frequent. I was drawn to it immediately because an “Angry Vagina” is at once both scary and titillating. But once I managed to get past the word “vagina” and actualIy read the article, I became angry myself.

I don’t know exactly what an “Angry Vagina” is, except that it is related to Holistic health, whatever that is, by Queen Afua, whoever that is, I read the article, but I still don’t understand exactly what it is all about, except that it seems like another mind-over-matter scam that promises much, much more that it can ever deliver. These kinds of things, even if well meaning, makes people forego proven medical treatments for pie-in-the-sky ones that, at a minimum can be explained by the Placebo Effect, and in worse cases, can result in disability or death.

How, you may ask, can believing in mind-over-matter be dangerous? Because if someone decides to follow an unproven treatment that makes unfounded promises instead of trying scientifically proven medical treatments first, then the disease that they are trying to cure may progress to the point that it can no longer be treated at all.

Having hope is vital to treating and, hopefully, beating any disease, but false hope in these situations is dangerous and hurtful and can adversely affect not just the patient, but everyone who loves them. We need to stop reaching for straws and start learning the facts. Being an informed patient is crucial to getting the appropriate care.

They say knowledge is power, well, it is also a solid foundation for hope.


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