Them’s Some Good Readin’!

I want to introduce you to some of my favorite Skeptical blogs. These are places that I visit pretty much every day and that I feel provide a great source of information to combat all the woo and craziness that is out there.

Science Based Medicine

This blog provides some of best, most in-depth analysis of both the benefits of science based medicine and the dangers of many alternative medicine practices. There are articles by several different authors, notably Steven Novella and Harriet Hall. Steven is a professor of Neurology at Yale, founder and editor of Science Based Medicine, cofounder of the New England Skeptical Society and host of The Skeptics Guide to the Universe. Harriet is a former Air Force flight surgeon, and one of the most tireless advocates of evidenced supported, science based medicine. The articless on anti-vaccination theory, homeopathy and other alternative medical practices are clearly and persuasively presented. If you want the real stories and risks behind many alternative medicine treatments, read on.

The Rouges Gallery

This is the official blog of The Skeptics Guide to The Universe. They cover a wide variety of subjects from science based medicine, pseudoscience, general science and more. They are also the creators of my favorite pod cast, the self named, “The Skeptics Guide to The Universe”. There is just so much here that is thought provoking and enjoyable to read.

Redheaded Skeptic

The woman behind Redhead Skeptic is a former pastor’s wife. The story of her journey from a devout Christian married to a pastor, the trials and travails of what that life entails, the mounting doubts and fear, and finally, the acceptance and freedom that skepticism gave her is incredibly moving and inspiring. She writes beautifully and powerfully about how blind faith can actually be dangerous and harmful.

The Rather Friendly Skeptic

I’m pretty new to this blog, but I already love what I’ve read. What most impresses me is the writer’s enthusiasm and willingness to jump in and put her money where her mouth is and actually do something. That something includes participating in the Righteous Indignation podcast and co-founding the Wiltshire Phenomena Research group, despite suffering from Social Anxiety Disorder. She is young, brave and intelligent and that is more than enough reason to check out her blog.

This is probably my favorite of all the skeptical blogs out there. I love if for several reasons, the main one being that it provides an often irreverent, but important collection of articles and resources that address skepticism, freethinking and critical thought. Another reason I really love it is that, as the name implies, it is, and mostly written by, women.

Why is this important to me? Because it shows that women can have a real and positive impact in our society. If you look at the contributors and the other women linked to and mentioned, you’ll find women from a wide range of professions and backgrounds. They are all intelligent, inquisitive and excitingly persuasive writers and speakers. They prove that women can be and, are as good as, men when it comes to just about any intellectual endeavor you can think of.

Being the father of a 12 year old daughter, I think it is so important that there are positive role models for girls who might want to pursue science, mathematics, politics, business or any other traditionally male areas of study. All of these women are shining examples of what women can achieve and accomplish and that any perceived barriers to women in any pursuit or profession are merely that, perceived.


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