The Un-Science Channel

I’m watching a show on The Science Channel called If We Had No Moon. It explores the origins of the moon, explains it’s effects on the earth, and also theorizes what life might be like on earth without it. Considering that it’s the Science Channel I would expect the information it presents to be, well, scientific.

But in one section, in trying to explain the effect the moon has on life on earth, it brings up the idea that the full moon causes a rise in general craziness and mayhem in human civilization, including having a policeman say that it’s his experience that crime goes up during a full moon and also asserting, without any attribution what-so-ever, that emergency rooms see more patients during a full moon.

According to the following sources (I could cite more, but I think this is representative enough), numerous studies have shown no increase in crime, heart attacks, injuries, accidents or another other mishaps during full moons:

I found these in less than 10 minutes on google. You would think that the producers of a science program for the Science Channel would have taken at least as long to check their facts. It’s pretty sad when a network dedicated to presenting science to the public can’t even get their science right.


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