Are Religious Organizations Really Better Than Non-religious ones? The U.S. Government Seems to Think So.


I read the follow on the Pharyngula blog at .
“Finally, the church is beginning to clean up its act. The Vatican has announced that it is investigating three orders of nuns in Washington state — what perverted and revolting acts have these nuns committed to draw the ire of the Catholic church? I’m sure your imagination is working hard right now.
The Vatican says it’s following up on complaints of feminism and activism.
Oh, my god … heads will roll. They’ll be ostracized, exorcized, and excommunicatized. No mere buggery of children here, but feminism? Jesus is weeping in heaven above, and the angels are grounded with grief.”

As I read in a comment on this, Feminism isn’t a sin, Feminism means ‘equality’. I’ll go further and say that Feminism means ‘humanity’ on a par with male humanity.
How long are Catholics and the governments under which the Catholic Church operates going to allow pedophilia and misogyny to continue unabated? The Church has known of pedophile priests and has rarely contacted the local authorities to press charges. What other organization would be allowed to get away with this illegal activity?
The Church consistently violates Equal Opportunity laws because, since they are a private organization and a religion, they are exempt from those laws.
It is time that religious organizations are held to the same standards as any other. Religions should be classified under the law as non-profit organizations, just like the Red Cross, Greenpeace or The March of Dimes. This includes not just Equal Opportunity laws, but tax laws as well.
One of the great founding principles that the United States was founded upon is the separation of church and state. The constitution states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof . . .” . While this doesn’t explicitly exempt religious organizations from any laws or taxation, the government should not favor religious groups over secular ones. This should apply to all laws and taxes as well.
The U.S. Government may not actually respect the establishment of religion, but it certainly does favor religion, all religions, over other just as worthy secular groups. This is inherently unfair and indefensible.
The situations I’ve mentioned about the Catholic Church are just a couple of examples of the evils that come from favoring religious organizations over non-religious ones. It’s time for the religious favoritism to end and those that commit crimes and violate rights while hiding behind the cloak of religious freedom be held accountable and brought to the justice they most richly deserve.


2 thoughts on “Are Religious Organizations Really Better Than Non-religious ones? The U.S. Government Seems to Think So.

  1. This may be common sense to everyone else, but I recently found this out the hard way: you can assign a zone to only one tax class. Basically, you can’t have two tax classes for the same zone (even if the tax classes are the same rate but different names)

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