I’m Working on a New Novel

I’ve started working on a Novel titled The Most Holy Book of Ggaz of Which Every Word is True (So Help Me Ggaz!), Those of you who frequent this blog have already read the first part of the first chapter in my blog entry, In The Beginning…A New Intelligent Design for a New Millennium .

I’m not going to post any more excepts because I want to try and get it published. The excerpt I did post was not originally intended to be anything other than a tongue in cheek version of the beginning of Genesis as a single blog entry, but I quickly decided I wanted to expand on it and thus this novel was born!

I will say that it is a very satirical look at the origins of religions in general and the Abrahamic religions in particular. I will also give you a list of the current books/chapters I have come up with titles for, several of which I’ve actually begun writing.

The Old Way
        The Book of Genosis
                In The Beginning
                The Quake
        The Book of Zarquon
                In The Days Before The Dinosaurs
        The Book of Qui’Gon
        The Book of Klingon
        The Book of Rayon
        The Book of Computeronomy
        The Book of Exoskin
        The Book of Levis
        The Book of Letters
        The Book of Emperors
        The Book of Sue
        Jobs (A story of the struggles of Steven)
        Urban Legends
        The Song Remains The Same
        Sad Songs
The New Way
        The Good Stuff According to Manny
        The Good Stuff According to Mortimor
        The Good Stuff According to Lamont
        The Good Stuff According to Jake
        The Acts of the Apologists
        Raving Nations

I’ll keep you updated on my progress. I’ve been writing some of it every day, so I’m hoping I’ll soon have enough to send to a publisher.

And to you geeks out there, I’m sure you’ve already noticed references to Star Trek, Star Wars and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I own a huge debt for the inspiration for my writing style in this to Douglas Adams, probably with some Asimov thrown in for good measure. The rest is of my own strange and warped imagination.


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