Christians! Why Aren’t You Killing Palestinians Like God Commanded?

Here is an article that basically asks the above question: Gaza: What Would Jehovah Do?

There isn’t much else I can say. The author says it all perfectly.


3 thoughts on “Christians! Why Aren’t You Killing Palestinians Like God Commanded?

  1. Read the article. What atheistic garbage! Maybe somebody should ask the question of how many utopian atheistic societies have existed such as Soviet Russia or China? Why are Christians tortured and murdered wholesale in Palistinian areas not to mention Islamic Countries where they are tortured and murdered wholesale as well. Maybe the question of how Israelis feel having their homes rocketed or being killed in a Pizzaria should be asked? How about the question of Hamas turning green houses in the Gaza Strip into rocket launching platforms to kill innocent people should be asked. Visit the site “Voice of the Martyrs” and see how “sweet, tolerant and kind” secularists and Muslims are to those “evil” Christians. Maybe the question of why would Jesus die and shed his sinless blood for stupid humans who espouse such idiocy as purported in this moronic diatribe should be asked. What would “Allah/Satan do? I am sick and tired of fruit-loop liberals living in their Ivory Towers telling us how enlightened they are. If you hate God that is your business and between you and him. Please leave me out of it. Thanks.

    • Yes, by all means, visit Voice of the Martyrs, and learn that – wait for it – proselytizing Christians perceive themselves as persecuted!

      Shocked, I tell you: shocked.

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