Christian Fascism And The Coming U.S. Totalitarian State

Chris Hedges writes a powerful and frightening article about the dangers of Christian Fascism in his article, The Christian Fascists Are Growing Stronger.

While I feel that he is being overly dramatic to the point of being bombastic in his writing style, the possibility of a totalitarian Christian state here in the U.S. isn’t that far fetched. If you read and listen to the likes of Glenn Beck, Pat Robertson, and Rush Limbaugh, not to mention the thousands of pastors who make up the Christian right, you will know that they are working toward making the U.S. a “Christian” nation.

They try to bring God into schools, government and other public venues where he doesn’t belong. They fight against science and rational thinking, for which they wish to substitute faith.

Yet they use the technology created by this godless science to advance their agenda and spread their brand of intolerance into millions of homes, Christian schools and colleges and government institutions.

They can not tolerate any dissension or criticism of their ideas. They label people who disagree with them socialists, atheists and un-American, regardless of how reasoned and intelligent the reasons for disagreement are.

They whittle away at the foundations upon which our country was founded. They remove Thomas Jefferson, the man who almost single handedly wrote the Declaration of Independence, from public school textbooks and put people like Joseph McCarthy in his place.

They use the same techniques that all fascists have used before them, spreading fear and hatred throughout the populace and offering their twisted world view as an answer to all the ills of our society.

They couch their warped interpretation of the Bible in patriotic drivel just as Mussolini, Hitler used patriotism and nationalism to gain acceptance of their hatred of the millions of people like the Jews, the Gypsies, homosexuals, an others who they saw as “unfit” to be worthy of membership in society.

These people are real, they are here and they are deadly serious about their beliefs and forcing those beliefs on others. They mislead their flocks into supporting them. They are no different than the priests whom Jesus condemned in the Bible for leading their people astray.

One of the most powerful and frighting passages of Chris Hedges’ article warns of the possible immanent danger that we could be facing from the far Christian right:

“The spark that could set this conflagration ablaze could be lying in the hands of a small Islamic terrorist cell. It could be in the hands of greedy Wall Street speculators who gamble with taxpayer money in the elaborate global system of casino capitalism. The next catastrophic attack, or the next economic meltdown, could be our Reichstag fire. It could be the excuse used by these totalitarian forces, this Christian fascism, to extinguish what remains of our open society.

It isn’t too far off the mark when you stop to think about it. For those who value freedom and democracy, those who fought to defend it, or who’s parents fought to defend it, it is an affront to their service and sacrifice and dishonors everything they fought for and believed in.

While we sit idly by watching Glenn Beck, Fox News and American Idol, the Christian Fascists continue to work tirelessly to force their view of the world upon us all.


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