Why I Hate Religion

I had a prefect example for why I hate religion happen to me this last week. In my last post, Why Is Questioning Equal to Hate? , I mentioned how a good friend of mine was very upset by an article I linked to which was written by Paula Kirby entitled, Gaza: What would Jehovah do? .

Here is my friend’s original reply to me, my response and his subsequent reply. His are in red, mine in blue:

Read the article. What atheistic garbage! Maybe somebody should ask the question of how many utopian atheistic societies have existed such as Soviet Russia or China? Why are Christians tortured and murdered wholesale in Palistinian areas not to mention Islamic Countries where they are tortured and murdered wholesale as well. Maybe the question of how Israelis feel having their homes rocketed or being killed in a Pizzaria should be asked? How about the question of Hamas turning green houses in the Gaza Strip into rocket launching platforms to kill innocent people should be asked. Visit the site “Voice of the Martyrs” and see how “sweet, tolerant and kind” secularists and Muslims are to those “evil” Christians. Maybe the question of why would Jesus die and shed his sinless blood for stupid humans who espouse such idiocy as purported in this moronic diatribe should be asked. What would “Allah/Satan do? Jay, you are a good friend but please do not send me any more of this crap. I am sick and tired of fruit-loop liberals living in their Ivory Towers telling us how enlightened they are. If you hate God that is your business and between you and him. Please leave me out of it. Thanks.


I didn’t send this to you personally, … A notification goes out to my Facebook wall whenever I update my blog and everyone who follows me on Facebook sees it.

I don’t hate God. I hate religion because of, as you mentioned with Muslims killing Christians, as well as Jews killing Muslims, Muslims killing Jews, Sikh killing Hindus, Hindus killing Muslims. Our faith blinds us to our common bonds as human begins. Faith pits man against man, even though each of those faiths claims to be the path to a loving, merciful God.

I’ve personally seen families torn apart because of religious differences. So, I am non-religious and pro-humanity, in all its diversity.

I don’t hate God, I just don’t believe that, after the creation, that He’s had much to do with us. I can’t call myself an atheist, because I just don’t know what, or if, God is. I just know that anything that needlessly drives a wedge between people is wrong and can’t possibly be from God.

And no, I don’t think I’m more enlightened or better than anyone else. I leave those sentiments to the religious folks, who seem to love to tell everyone else how to live their lives. I think we are all equal and I try to treat everyone I know and encounter as an equal, with the same rights to life, liberty and happiness as I have. I think too many people have forgotten those words from our Declaration of Independence. I wish many, both on the right and left, of all religions, would read those words and give them real, serious thought.

You are a dear friend, and I would never do or say anything to upset you if I could help it. If you see a post on my wall that looks like something you don’t think you will like, please just ignore it. None of it is intended for anyone in particular and certainly none of it is intended to harm.


Thanks. I will ignore the stuff in the future since it was not sent to me personally. As for the moronic author of the article, maybe she might want to start crying over the 30 million unborn children murdered in this country alone. Maybe she can cry over how Muslims behead people of other belief systems including other Muslims. I don’t see Christians putting suicide vests on killing innocent people. Sadly Americans like the one who wrote that article have no clue or concept how blessed or good they got it here. I have no time nor patience for such Ivory Tower fruit loops. That’s OK because when judgment really comes to this Country and when she is called to face God it’s gonna be rough then maybe she’ll realize how good she had it.

Anyway, I’m not that arrogant to think I’m smarter than God but I guess the author and people of her ilk do. So maybe she can kick the Almighty off His Throne and straighten things out for all of us. Please keep me posted when she squares God away. I can hardly wait. In the mean time I’ll stick with Jesus because I don’t have enough in my spiritual checking account to cover my sins.

Regardless it was a stupid article from a stupid person. Hope she decorates her next articles with Swastikas they would be a nice finishing touch. See you at the Judgment. Thanks.

I am thinking from the next to last line above that our friendship is now, at the very least, strained and I find it so sad. It is exactly this kind of response, and the effect it has had on myself and my friend, that I find religion and religious belief to be so insidiously dangerous and deleterious in almost every way.

A good, wonderful friendship that was cultivated and grew while we were roommates in the U.S. Army may now have ended, at least on his side. I hope not, but given his extremely strong reaction, it just may be so.

He is an extremely intelligent and witty person. We used to have these rollocking debates about politics and such and even though we would zing each other with insults, there was always a deep respect between us, and a real joy of the debate. I fear that perhaps he has gone from enjoying being able to verbally spar with someone who disagrees with him, to just despising them. I hope not and I will wait and see what the passage of time will bring.

I can also mention my relationship with my daughter-in-law. She saw on my MySpace page that I listed Mohammed before Jesus on a list of people I admire. She is, of course, a devout fundamentalist Christian. She has never warmed to me since seeing that one little detail in a throw away list on a social networking site. She’s never once bothered to talk to me about my beliefs but seems to be sticking with her idea that I’m some kind of heathen or terrorist lover or something.

It is this divisiveness that religious belief can bring to bear on everything that I despise. Of course, the same can be said of politics, but I think to a lesser degree than with religion. Religion, for those who believe, is so central to their concept of who they are that it trumps everything else, even reason; even love.

I love my friend and I always will, despite the fact that he doesn’t believe as I do. I have no animosity toward anyone, unless they do me or someone else harm. I accept people as they are, knowing that we all have faults and knowing that the human condition and our reactions to it, while varied, is universal. Religious belief clouds and hijacks that universality to the detriment of us all.


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