A Quick Note About Health Care in America

I’m not going to go very deep into discussing the Health Care bill that’s just been passed, but I do want to touch on a few of the political items that came out of the debate (more like a screaming match, really).

Those against Health Care reform kept bringing up the same objections that come up every time Health Care is discussed: you will lose your right to choose if the government offers subsidized health care.

This is huge fallacy. Why? Because most of us who have health care insurance don’t have a real right to choose. We can only choose those doctors who are “in network” or else we have to pay more, usually a lot more. Need to see a specialist? Get a referral and hope that the specialist is “in network”.

And the same is true of the idea of government subsidized health care rationing care We who have health care insurance already have rationed care. Don’t believe it? Just hope you don’t get a really serious health problem and you end up reaching the “ceiling” on your health care plan. Or heaven forbid you need a treatment or procedure that your insurance company considers “experimental”. Hell, sometimes they will just tell you that a procedure or test is medically unwarranted, even if you and your doctor agree that it is needed.

Our health choices and level of care are already rationed by market forces and as long as making a profit is the business of health insurance companies, it will always be that way.


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