The Christian Taliban

I read the results of The Modesty Survey and was pretty disgusted by it. I was going to write a blog about it, but I was so sick last week that I didn’t have the clarity of mind to do it justice. Fortunately, the rabble rousing PZ Myers did it for me (well not for me personally, I am pretty sure he has no idea who I am).

My favorite line of his about this survey sums up my feelings pretty well:

“What they have to guard against? They should be plainer. “We’re not telling you what to wear — we’re just listing the stuff that will justify raping you.””

Read both his blog post and the original survey. It’s pretty scary how similar the Islamic Taliban and Christian Fundamentalist ideologies really are.


3 thoughts on “The Christian Taliban

  1. I’ve been a part of a number of conversations revolving around this issue.

    Our point of conclusion was that it is up to the boys (guys/men) to avoid lustful thoughts (no, not “rape”). Girls, should they be simpathetic to guys’ hyper-visualization, will respond to this knowledge by dressing in a manner that is not outright assaulting the boys.

    I’m not sure why this survey was conducted. Any “is this okay to where?” questions can be asked quite directly by any girl (to mom, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc…).

    Interstingly, there appears (or should I say “seems” instead of the visually focused “appears”) to be an analogous way in which boys can cause girls to “stumble.” That is by eliciting an emotional response when not prepared to follow through. Guys apparently (or “it seems”) are real good at turning on and off their emotions while the girls they leave are simply left “turned on” (not my phrasing).

      • Unfortunately it was verbal. I’m bookmarking this page now if I ever get a full-formed article written on it.

        I’m a little suprised that I myself haven’t heard more about it. I chalk that up to the patriarchal nature of our (particular conservative Christian) society.

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