The Illogic of Belief

I found this lovely quote on PZ Myers blog:

“The most merciful thing an omnicient God might do is end the life of a child whom he knows will never seek Him.” -Pastor Doug Humphrey

Of course, I would immediately ask the follow up question: If God is omnicient and therefore knows that the child will never seek him, that why did he create the child in the first place? What possible reason could there be to create a living begin with a everlasting soul just to as quickly destroy it and have it’s soul dammed to hell for all eternity? And don’t try saying that we can’t be sure if it is dammed to hell, Jesus very clearly said that no one can find salvation unless through him. That the soul of an innocent child will be dammed to suffer eternal torrent in hell through no thought or action of her own is the act of a sociopathic sadist, pure and simple.

That a pastor who supposedly is preaching the mercy and love of a benevolent creator to say that that creator can act in such an immoral and amoral way betrays the illogical hoops that many believers have to jump through to reconcile their faith with reality.


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