The Real Science Of Intelligent Design (It’s Not What You Think!)

I just read this interesting article that was published in the Telegraph. It reports that we are very close to being able to create other universes using tools like the LHC (Large Hadron Collider).

We already know it’s possible that the LHC could theoretically produce a micro black hole (don’t worry, these black holes can’t start swallowing up the earth. They would be too small to ever swallow a whole atom). The really fascinating thing is that, along with the creation of one of these black holes could come the creation of another universe. According to the article, these black holes would be:

…tiny masses squeezed into incredibly tiny volumes. But because of gravity’s negative energy, it doesn’t matter how small such holes are: they still have the potential to inflate and expand in their own dimensions (rather than gobbling up our own). Such expansion was precisely what our universe did in the Big Bang, when it suddenly exploded from a tiny clump of matter into a fully-fledged cosmos.”

The article goes onto mention the different tweaking that more advanced civilizations could do to make the new universe more compatible for life, but stresses that, once created, the creators would be unable to interact with them because the new universe would exist in a different, inaccessible dimension.

The author then raises the possibility that our universe was created in exactly this way:

This idea provides the best resolution yet to the puzzle Albert Einstein used to raise, that "the most incomprehensible thing about the Universe is that it is comprehensible". The universe is comprehensible to the human mind because it was designed, at least to some extent, by intelligent beings with minds similar to our own.”

This is a fascinating thought. It could mean that our universe was intelligently designed, but not at all in the way creationists or Intelligent Design proponents think. This is much more analogous to a deistic philosophy in which the universe was created by an intelligent creator who, once he/she/they creates it, has no interaction at with it. It also seems to answer the question as to why a creator would create a universe and then walk away from it; because the creator is simply unable to interact with it, even if he/she/they wanted to.

This also answer another question of Einstein’s, "What really interests me is whether God had any choice in the creation of the world."

None of this changes the fundamental conclusions of atheists regarding a supernatural god or gods because this model doesn’t allow for that. The fact that our universe may have been created by an intelligent begin/begins in some kind of particle accelerator makes absolutely no difference in how our universe works, it’s purpose or our place in it.

Assuming for a moment that is true that our universe was created in this way, from the very moment of its creation, the creators would have been incapable of doing anything with it. No information could be passed to and from their universe and ours, so there would be no point in prayers, supplications or appeasements to our creators. They can never even be aware of our existence, nor us of theirs so the fact that they created us is irrelevant to anything that goes on here.

Intelligently created or not, the fact is that we are, and have always, been on our own here in this universe with no help coming from the outside. The sooner we understand this, the sooner we can, as a species, focus all of our energies, intelligence and attention on make the universe we live in a better place for everyone.


3 thoughts on “The Real Science Of Intelligent Design (It’s Not What You Think!)

  1. Freedom In a world full of people who hate one another just because of their beliefs, finding the things we have in common and agreeing to disagree on others is possibly the only way we can continue to live together as a human race without destroying ourselves with hatred born of prejudices based in differences of beliefs.

    Jesus also said the Father and I are ONE, I can say that too, so do christian deists.

    Celebrate ONENESS !!!
    It is the same for ALL

    We are all one,
    in thought, NOT in practice, so any that call to you are equally valid.

    It is Reason… worked out with Logic, that tells you this…

    A = without
    Theism = believe in God
    gnosticism = believe in knowledge
    Atheism – without belief in God
    Agnosticism- without belief in knowledge’
    Deism is the only truth!
    GOD IS GOD !!
    I AM !!!!!

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