Catching Up

I’ve been in the hospital twice in the past three days. It all started during my workout with my trainer on Friday morning. Halfway through, I couldn’t catch my breath and my chest was tight. This wasn’t my asthma, it was different that anything I’ve experienced before.

After resting to catch my breath, I drove off to the hospital. I was put in observation until 7:00pm that evening with no abnormal EKG, blood enzymes or x-ray. An appointment was made to see the cardiology department on Monday morning.

I worked on Saturday, a 12 hour day. But after taking a short walk with my co-worker around 5:00pm, chest tightness started up with some pain radiating into my jaw and shoulder. The pain wasn’t very strong, but was uncomfortable.

So back to the hospital I went. I spent last night there and, once again, all test were negative. So first thing tomorrow morning, I’ll be on a treadmill all wired up and trying to get my heart rate up and see if pain comes back and if anything abnormal shows up on the EKG.

If everything is normal, then the pain is not heart related and is probably nothing to worry about. Maybe related to acid reflux or asthma. Of course, if things are not normal, then its probably more tests to figure out what is causing it and what to do about it.

Of course, I’m hoping that it’s not heart related, so I can get back to my life, which is giving me enough crap as it is to deal with.

I’ll be sure to keep you all updated.


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