And Now For Something Completely Different

I’m a poet and writer as well as a skeptical blogger. I normally post my poems and literary writings on my personal home page at , but since no one every seems to visit there, I thought I’d occasionally post some here.

I was thinking about love making when I wrote this, which, if you read it, will become obvious!

WARNING! – This is very erotic, so if that kind of stuff bothers you, please stop reading now!

The sensual curve of your hips;
The subtle lines of your thighs
Leading to the flowerish maze of
Folds and mounds that lie between.
The fragrance of sweat and lust sends
A thrill through my body, as my lips
Gently caress the apex of thighs and beauty.
The lushness of you beneath my mouth
As I glide upwards, tasting the tangy sweetness
That amazes and compels my arousal.
The silkiness of your hip in one hand
And breast within the other quickens my heartbeat,
While your gasps and the undulations
Of hips and groin makes me moan with you,
The flicking of my tongue matching the rhythm
Of your body;
My breaths in sync with yours.
I smile in anticipation as you claw at the sheets;
My arms wrapped around your thighs now to keep
My mouth locked to you as you pulsate around my fingers,
And writhe and gasp and shudder.
And as you slowly collapse deep into the bed,
I give your flower a gentle kiss
Before crawling up next to you and taking you in my arms,
Kissing your mouth hungrily and deeply, letting you taste
The deliciousness of your passion,
And feel the thrumming of mine.
We embrace and entwine
And begin again the loving
Whose ebbing moves to bursting
And lose ourselves in the moment
And in one another again.


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