Wouldn’t It Be Great If Life Really Worked Like This?

This is a really funny send up from Cracked.com of the unreality of Hollywood movies. It shows what movies might be like if the characters in Hollywood movies got to watch movies of their choice. I especially love the description of a fictional movie titled, Magic Doesn’t Work:

"Lacey was everything to Brian. When a car accident takes her life, he vows to bring her back, risking his life to discover a forbidden occult ritual that will bring her back from the dead. He is warned that tampering with the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead could bring great evil into the world, and that what comes back to him will no longer be his wife. When nothing actually happens, Brian is at a loss, until he remembers magic doesn’t exist. Realizing he has let his grief make him stupid, he finally accepts Lacey’s death, enabling him to get on with his life."


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