The Mainstream Media Totally Misrepresents Sexism and the Role of Women Among Atheists

Jen McCreight has two blog posts today about an article in Ms. Magazine that completely gets it wrong about Sexism and the role woman among atheists.  Apparently, some comments critical of this article on are are not getting through their moderators, including mine, so I’m posting it below.  Please go read the original article and Jen’s blog entries first before reading my response.  Once you are done, if you are as outraged as I am, please post (sensible, well thought out) comments on the original article and then post links to the article, Jen’s responses and a copy of the comment you made on your blog, Facebook, Twitter and where ever else you can.  Let’s get the real truth out there!

You seem to have been very selective about the sources for this article. You obviously didn’t dig very deeply into the issue for if you had you would find that there are dozens upon dozens of female leaders in the “net atheist” movement. Please read this excellent post by Jen McCraigt (of Boob Quake fame) for specific examples: 

Sure there are sexist and racist people who are atheists, just as there are who are Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, etc. Atheists are human, after all. If you want a good sense of how most atheist men feel about woman and woman’s rights, search PZ Myer’s blog at You’ll find that there is a strong support for women’s issues and right within the “new atheists” movement. In fact, PZ, Richard Dawkins, myself and many other men who are atheists are probably the staunches feminists I know.

If you had spent actually researched this issue properly you would have found that the reality is much different that what you portray it to be. Next time how about doing your readers a favor and actually cite the leaders you refer to instead of anonymous posters on old forum threads.



2 thoughts on “The Mainstream Media Totally Misrepresents Sexism and the Role of Women Among Atheists

  1. I’m not even sure that I understand the point of their article; they seem to be whining that there are not many female atheist leaders. Whether that’s true or not is not because atheists aren’t allowing women in “the club”. Anyone is free to let go of imaginary friends and become an atheist… anyone at all.

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