Skepticon 3 – Day 2 – Personal Report

I’m going to report on the cool experiences I had outside of the convention itself. I need to go back and review the videos of the talks to really do justice to a review of the conference and speakers.

I went to the hotel’s breakfast buffet. I got my food and was looking for a place to sit, but all the tables were taken. I heard someone say, “You look like a man who needs a place to sit”. I introduced myself and found out her name was Christy. She saw my American Atheists pin and figured that I was there for Skepticon as well. She was a fascinating person. We talked about the gun show next door and she told me that she used to work gun shows and also worked technical support for a gun company. She mentioned that how brave she thought I was to wear my American Atheists button in public. I explained that it took me a while to work up the courage to do it, but that I felt like I had a moral responsibility to. She said that she went through the same thing when she came out transgender.

She had this wonderful story about how a woman called support and asked how far away she had to be from her husband to avoid power burns! It was a really cool conversation.

At the party the night before, I was drinking screwdrivers. The vodka they had tasted like turpentine (and yes, I have tasted turpentine by accident). So, at the dinner break, I drove up the street in search of Stolichnaya vodka. I found it. It was $23.00 a bottle but worth every penny!

We were back in room 201 again. The gracious host, who’s name I unfortunately forget, and I had a great conversation about a variety of topics. What those topics were are lost in the foggy, glowing haze of inebriation, but trust me, it was a stellar conversation!

I spent some time talking with David Fitzgerald, one of the speakers I missed on Friday morning. He gave me some great tips on writing and getting my message out there.

I then met the sparkling, engaging and lovely Kaleena Menke. I wish I could remember exactly what we talked about, but once again, the vodka must have zapped the brain cells that were meant for those memories. I can tell you that she made a really wonderful impression on me as someone who is fun, smart, witty and totally awesome.

I got to back to my room after 4:00am and was up the next morning at 8:00am. I felt great! But, I do think this does explain my creeping exhaustion at this moment. 🙂

Coming tomorrow, Skepticon 3 – Day 3 – Personal Report.


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