Facebook Comment Followup

Bob responded to my last post here. He felt I was being rude in not responding to him. Here is my response:

Bob Santaniello: OUCH!! Thanks for short changing my comment and the artificial sincerity of your first response. Off to work in the ‘magic’ kingdom.

Jay Walker: Bob, you are right. I was rude not to respond. I apologize. My response is basically what I said in my blog post. I just think you are picking and choosing to suit what makes you feel good. You see the things that you don’t like in the Bible and rationalize and justify them away.

This is called cognitive dissonance, which is when you are faced with information that contradicts your beliefs. This can cause great mental discomfort and even pain. You can either give up your beliefs in the face of evidence or find a way to rationalize the evidence away to resolve the cognitive dissonance.

I believe you are rationalizing these threatening ideas away because to admit that the Bible, with, according to you is the word of God, actually teaches terrible things would mean that possibly none of it’s true. Or it means that your god is a vengeful, sadistic god. In either case, you would have to admit that the foundation of your belief system is gravely flawed.


2 thoughts on “Facebook Comment Followup

  1. The Bible was written by vengeful, sadistic MEN. Abraham heard voices telling him to steal other people’s land. Moses heard voices telling him to be the ruler of an entire nation state. I could go on and on; never mind the New Testament, but you get my point.

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