It’s That Time of Year Again for Christian Hubris and Wanton Douchebagery

I have already posted about how billboards can be used to communicate religions as well as atheistic messages here and here. What I want to talk about today is Christian hypocrisy as regards these billboards in particular and general criticism of Christianity in general.

There have been plenty of attacks by Christians against atheists because they dared to actually speak their mind and offer up an alternative to belief in god on one billboard in New York City. The same is true in the supposed “War on Christmas”, where Christians claim that Christmas is under attack and in grave danger from the godless mobs. Both issues contain the same basic hysteria and hypocrites.

Christians claim that atheists are trying to ruin Christmas just because they ask people to consider that maybe the events surrounding Christmas as taught in the bible might not have happened. The atheists aren’t insisting that Christmas be banned, they aren’t trying to outlaw Christianity or any other religion, but from the vicious and hysterical reaction of many Christian, you would have trouble believing that this wasn’t actually the case.

Even crazier is that many prominent Christians in the media are claiming that they are actually being persecuted! I’d like to suggest that these people look up the word “persecuted” and tell me if the reality really fits the definition.

The fact is, the vast majority of Americans identify themselves as Christians. Christians are able to proclaim their religious beliefs publicly and, in cases of politicians, they are virtually required to do so if they want to get elected. Christians can, and do, invoke their god and his blessings (or warn of his wrath) on T.V. shows, the radio, in the media and even in popular song, and hardly a person ever seems raises any objections. Christians have the privileged of having their religion’s prays said at the beginning of sporting events, the opening of state legislatures, and other such events. They put up messages from their god on billboards numbering in the hundreds across the country and nary a person complains.

But, if other Americans try to express their non-belief in god in public, suddenly they are called spoilers, heathens, miscreants and evil. They are demonized and vilified simply for taking a contradicting view from that of the Christian mainstream. It is virtually impossible for an atheists to get elected to public office in this country. Many atheists feel the need to keep their views to themselves for fear of, not offending, but of being criticized and ostracized. Some have even lost their jobs once their views have become known.

For American Christians to say that they are being persecuted is hubris of the highest order and is an affront and insult to groups around the world who really are being persecuted. Maybe they should go to the Middle East and explain to the Christians there how terrible they have it here in the U.S. I have a feeling that those Middle Eastern Christians, people who have laws keeping them from many professions, and who have been physically attacked, had their churches and homes burned and, in extreme cases, been killed, won’t be particularly sympathetic.

Christians in the country have more power, money and political clout than any single other group. For them to claim any kind of injury, beyond hurt feelings at being criticized, is ridiculous and absurd. It makes them look like a bunch of whining little children who didn’t get their way. So, not everyone believes in your magical sky man or his Jewish zombie son. Waah! Get over it and move on with your safe, privileged lives and let the rest of us get on with ours.


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