The Holiday (oops! I mean Christmas!) That Keeps On Giving (me a headache)

I thought I was done talking about “The War on Christmas” but the crazy just keeps on coming. PZ Myers posted a nice little entry about the new level of insanity in the “War on Christmas”. It seems that Bill Donahue, of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, is all up in arms because a YMCA in New York replaced Santa Claus with Frosty The Snowman.

Bill had this to say about this outrage against Christmas:

        “Christmas is not about Jack Frost; it’s not about snowmen,” fumed Bill Donohue of the Catholic League.

        ”We’re not talking about some secular organization that has no religious roots. If they can’t celebrate Christmas, then they should check         out. What a bunch of cowards.””

I thought that Santa Claus, or as he is sometimes known, St. Nick, was seen by most people as a secular Christmas figure. Ok, sure, he does have ‘Saint” in front of his name, but I think most people would agree that he is not a religious figure. So what is Ol’ Bill getting is panties in a knot about here? I would have thought he’d be demanding that the YMCA install a nativity scene instead of Santa Clause.

My good friend Maria and I were chatting last night about this issue and she brought up a good point. Are people like Bill Donahue so insecure in their faith that they can’t stand to hear the slightest criticism of their beliefs? It certainly seems that way. What is going on in their heads that cause them to go practically insane about something as simple as substituting Frosty The Snowman for Santa?

Personally, I think it has a lot to do with cognitive dissonance. People like Bill Donahue have a hard time when their beliefs are questioned because part of their mind can see that the evidence is against them, but they have so much of their personal identity wrapped up in their religious beliefs that this causes them emotional pain, and a common reaction to pain is to lash out.

Of course, I’m no psychologist so I could be completely wrong, but what I do know of cognitive dissonance would indicate that I’m at least on the right track.

I’m sure this isn’t the last I’ll be writing about “The War on Christmas”. Stay tuned over the next few weeks. Lets see if the crazies can continue to top each other in their lunacy.

BTW – I put “The War on Christmas” in quotes because I feel that it is a term invented by the Christian leaning media to sensationalize a non-story. Christians, like Republicans (aren’t they the same thing? LOL), are very good at propaganda and love nothing better than to find victims to vilify in order to keep their misplaced sense of privilege intact.


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