Merry Giftmas!

It’s Giftmas Christmas! I hope you are all having a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday, day off, etc.

The Walker household had a rather laid back Christmas. The kids got most of their presents before Christmas because I took them each out shopping and let them spend a pre-determined amount and pick out whatever they wanted. They are both teenagers now (well, my daughter will be 13 in a month and a half) and it was what they both asked for, so why not. It made them happy and they got exactly what they wanted. I did wrap a present for each of them, as a surprise, and put it under the tree this morning. We had warm brownies with vanilla ice cream for breakfast and vanilla coffee. We even wrapped three doggy bones for Bailey, who seemed to really enjoy opening his gift and eating them!


I hope you all have a wonderful <insert your celebration of choice here>!


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