More Stupid Male Privilege Lunacy

My dear friend at pros/e/yes wrote a humorous blog post about a couple of total yahoos filled with male priviliobes. I’m going to quote her post in it’s entirety and then give my response.

There’s this website called the “Manhood Academy” ~ the title evokes imagery of various things like little boys in their tighty-whities pretending they’re men in loincloths, painting themselves in ketchup and dancing around a trashcan bonfire, pounding their baseball bats in the ground and beating their chests to the soundtrack of “Lord of the Flies”…*laughing*

…or of poorly written Harlequin novels in reverse…instead of heaving honey-nectared breasts & throbbing organs, we have a group of lonely, desperate pimply-faced boys living in their parents’ homes fantasizing that their “manhoods” are anything more than the shriveled up puny stacks of dimes that they really are. Of course, while their slappin’ that ol’ salami around, they’re imagining that their dicks are as huge and intimidating as a rhinoceros horns…and in the words of one of the cute little apes, getting off on “a chick’s shaved taco”…oh yeah, I’m ready to cream myself, reading that bit of hot sexy talk.


Yeah, these two boardheads, who call themselves “Dr. LeDice” and “Professor Plum” created this “Academy” to train men how to reclaim their “lost” masculinity. For some strange reason, I keep wanting to call “Dr.” LeDice…DeLice…but I’m sure that minor nitpicky detail would not go over very well with a man of his…*ahem*…stature. As for Prof. Plum, who has a brain about the size of a raisin, has underdeveloped critical thinking skills and an over-developed ego. He behaves as though he truly believes that ad hominem is legitimate debate.

I even got called a cunt. *pats self on back* Been a while since I had a threatened little boy react with that particular word.

He didn’t much seem to like that I asked him for citations and references to back up his assertions. He even tried to turn it around and asked me to present mine…*chortling merrily*…and of course, here I’m being VERY kind. When I say he “asked me”, it wasn’t quite so well-mannered… XD

He. Created a public website. He. Claims to be all about helping men…presumably to get them laid. He. Makes all kinds of assertions about feminism without citation.

I asked him to back them up.

He told me that the sheeple-cave website is a veritable gold mine of references and whathaveyou.


Professor Prune, it’s not on me to cite you. It’s on YOU to cite you. As a passing, casual observer – a tourist, if you will – there is no call for me to cite myself if I challenge something you’ve claimed is published online to help “everyone”… That’d be like a prosecutor asserting a defendant prove his own innocence. Doesn’t work that way, Snowflake. The burden of proof is on the person making all the nonsensical claims – or in this case, YOU.

And of course the sheeple who want to believe they’re “men”…buy it. Professor Prune has them convinced he’s walking on water, when in fact all he’s doing is splashing around in the shallow end. Poor kid. His mommy must not have breastfed him as a baby.

*still laughing* What a Magoo.

        Can hardly wait to see what they say next.

And my response:

Oh. My. God. What a couple of pathetic losers! These guys have no idea what being a man means. First off, being a man means not needing training in being a man! Geessh!

Why so many men seem so threatened by “feminists” is beyond me. Being a man means being able to have a real conversation with a woman as if she were a (gasp!) real person, with a brain and feelings and shit like that.

I would like to hold training for men on how to be real men. I’d teach them that the world doesn’t revolve around their cocks. I’d show them that a woman is a human being who you can actually talk to about, well, anything. I’d let them know that it takes a hell of a lot more than just a cock (and not even a really large one, any ‘ol size will do) to please a woman. I could write a book about this stuff, but I really don’t want to. I’m too busy trying to point out all the asshole men who feel that their dicks give them some special kind of privilege and the ways they try to hold women back in every aspect of life.


I haven’t had the pleasure of reading the “Manhood Academy” site yet. I think I’ll need to make sure I’m physically gaged and subdued so that I don’t start growling, barking and gnawing on the furniture as I am wont to do when I encounter complete and utter idiocy of the sexist kind.

I’ll be writing more in-depth about this very soon, once I’ve amply sedated myself so that I can read the writings of Drs. Dumb and Dumber without suffering a bout of apoplexy.


13 thoughts on “More Stupid Male Privilege Lunacy

    • Fribnit – if that comment is directed at me, then I would caution you (with a smile) to take care to not misassess my sarcasm and profanity. I am a firm believer that profanity is too often used as a crutch by people who don’t know how to articulate without it. I am not one of those people. Likewise, there is a time and place for all things. To paraphrase a famous comedienne – telling someone how they should *speak* is synonymous with trying to tell them how they should *think*. You own the right to tell nobody how to think, so I’ll thank you kindly to refrain from such an arrogant assumption.


      • It is of no concern to me how you think only how you express those thoughts.

        As it happens I agree with the message.

        There is, however, a distinct difference between thought and speech.

        I imagine that with more than 750 thousand conversational words in our language that you, a seemingly intelligent person, could find non-vulgar ways to express the same thoughts.

        It would also seems that the freedom of thought and speech is one directional here: owned by you, disdained in me.

        You consider me “arrogant” for expressing the opinion that your message could have been conveyed without the use of vulgar expressions yet you have the arrogance to belittle the “Manhood Academy” and the thinking behind it.

        Sorry, you can not have it both ways. If you criticize, you must be willing to accept it in return.

        I stand by my comment. People of each gender have forgotten what being PEOPLE is about. Civility is lost. Each person considers themselves sacred above the rest.

  1. Fribnit, I have absolutely no problem with criticism whatsoever; however, you didn’t criticize -at any point- the actual thoughts presented. You criticized how I expressed them. I call bullshit where I see it, plain and simple. Your concern with *how* I express my thoughts isn’t my problem. It’s yours. I don’t owe you or anyone an explanation for how I *choose* to express myself.

    Unfortunately, you & I do not know each other…and had you taken even 5 minutes of your certainly busy schedule to read more than just *one* blog entry of mine, you would probably have figured out that I don’t use profanity and vulgarity on any regular basis at all. I use it where it is appropriate to use – based on my own mode of thinking, nobody else’s. I don’t “comply” with standards that others attempt to set for me. I live by my own. I happen to know my own mind and heart *very* well, and am a respecter of everyone’s rights to express themselves how they will, insofar as they don’t infringe upon the rights of others — which is precisely what the Manhood Academy tries to do, complete with the convenient disclaimer of “don’t break her arm or punch her face” …the CYA approach to encouraging abuse. I am an abuse survivor, and I don’t give a rat’s ass, quite frankly, if anyone dislikes how I say what I say- because I am the only person who owns the right to speak my thoughts however I decide is appropriate, contextually.


  2. Jay,


    Yeeeesh…I positively adore when people assume they *know* me from one statement or sentence. TOO funny. I do not wish to offend anyone who reads your blog, so if I’ve created offense, then to you I owe apology.

    I also rather enjoy watching (generally without comment) when people assert that others comply with some sort of censorship of speech based on their own personal moral standards. I don’t know if Fribnit is a friend of yours…and he & I have sadly gotten off on the wrong foot within your blog here…so there is no way for me to know if Fribnit is a decent person or not. If the only thing he’s criticizing (I may be incorrectly assuming male gender) is how I phrase something, then his & my *agreement* on the actual content of my thoughts becomes a moot point.

    Anyway…to point, thank you again for sharing my thoughts in your blog, and you have my sincerest apologies if I’ve created any offense to you. 🙂


    • Denise ,

      I have not idea who Fribnit is, and even if they were a friend of mine, I’d call them to task for their comment.

      I have no problem with anyone who comments here giving offense, as long as it is not gratuitous or ad hominem. I know that I have certainly offended quite a few people here, but that is because they took personal offense at things that were never meant to be taken personally. Most people have a real problem separating their beliefs from their sense of self. That is one of the main reasons I write here, to try to get people to take a real, hard, honest look at themselves and understand that they are not what they believe, and most of them don’t even know why they believe what they believe.

      • *nodding* I don’t go out of my way to offend, and I do not stoop to ad hominem (though I won’t pretend I’m some kind of innocent -lol- I have a temper, and I’ve made mistakes, of course). If people are offended by something I say, my feeling is that is their responsibility – to ask themselves *why* they are offended instead of looking at whatever is being said from an objective standpoint.

        I am a believer in self-reflection and intelligent introspection -challenging ourselves and what we believe- while at the same time being aware of our surroundings, both in the real and virtual worlds (meaning, don’t get lost while navel-gazing…*giggle*). I just get…annoyed, I suppose is the right word here…when someone throws off a statement with a “should” implication. (We’ve discussed that before…my own family is not immune from my often-unexpected responses to “should”…if I hold them accountable, strangers online aren’t going to be treated with greater kindness…LOL) What people believe can be really treacherous waters. *nod* After all, there was a time when the “common knowledge” consisted of the earth being flat and the sun revolving around the earth. 😉

  3. I’ve had the displeasure of visiting Manhood Academy before. I can’t take it seriously any more, I’m starting to find it amusing how hyped up some people get about feminism, because GENDER EQUALITY IS EVIL. IT’S ALL ABOUT FEMALE PRIVILEGE, THAT’S WHY THERE ARE NO MALE FEMIN-oh, wait.

  4. The prof is right is respects about women and men functioning differently, and thus assuming different roles. Why don’t you guys go to his website to argue it out. He really, and I mean really, wants you to debate what’s you think is right. Seriously, he will be waiting for you at the chatbox.

    • *laughing* I can’t speak for Jay; but for myself I’ll say thanks…but no thanks. Been there, done that, burned the t-shirt, flushed the ashes down the toilet.

  5. “First off, being a man means not needing training in being a man!” by this logic my 3 year old nephew is a man… LOL, of course someone has to train us to be men. How else do we learn. “fantasizing that their “manhoods” are anything more than the shriveled up puny stacks of dimes that they really are. Of course, while their slappin’ that ol’ salami around, they’re imagining that their dicks are as huge and intimidating as a rhinoceros horns…and in the words of one of the cute little apes, getting off on “a chick’s shaved taco”…oh yeah, I’m ready to cream myself, reading that bit of hot sexy talk.” Your “manhood” has nothing to do with your penis it’s more like a state of being! These two statements and the fact that you obviously didn’t read the e-book. (It’s full of citations!) Makes you seem like you’re a women who is extremely bitter toward men. Finally while I don’t agree completely with these guys there’s a lot of helpful, practical advice in the book. It doesn’t seem at all about “getting laid” to me, more like how to maintain a healthy loving relationship. The “male privilege” you refer to boils down to the idea that men should sacrifice their lives to ensure that the people they care for are happy and healthy. That sounds more like male obligation to me! An obligation most men including myself would be all to happy to strive for. I could go on and on but I don’t think you’d get where I’m coming from. (side note I don’t mean to sound confrontational or anything. I’m just expressing my opinion on the matter as best I can. I may even come back with some more serious and more well prepared thought when I finish the book.)

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