Followup On The Manhood Academy

My last post was about The Manhood Academy. My friend did a lot of research into the Manhood Academy’s history. They have , as of 2010, rebranded themselves as a Men’s Rights group. Before that, the sight was apparently locked down as of 2008, likely for their blatant promotion of hate and abuse toward women. Read her findings here.


18 thoughts on “Followup On The Manhood Academy

    • I love the “Dear feminist cunt”, and they couldn’t have been too pissed off because the didn’t even use all CAPS!

      10 to 1 this guy has a record for domestic abuse and a half a dozen retraining orders against him, sick fuck.

      • This comment is directed to Uziser, Jay.

        You were obviously not around when the “debate” was actually happening in real time, so you have very little actual knowledge of what happened. You seem to think calling me a “cunt” (in your other comment) is impressive or something. It’s not. The only people impressed are blowhards such as yourself, tossing around words like “keyboard warrior critics” — never even seeing the terribly obvious irony of coming to a blog, years after the fact, doing the exact same thing, and revealing yourself to be a spectacular idiot.

  1. Jay, you’re gonna LOVE this.

    The “gentle folk” used my last sarcastic comment to “prove” my “hypocrisy” — because when they refused to take down stolen imagery (until I filed a report), I got mad. Forget what you say ONE TIME, prepare to have it used as fodder for disparagement. *rolls eyes*

    Mea culpa. I was wrong to make a statement that paints a stereotype. Can’t imagine how being called a cunt when asked to remove private property (politely, no less) leads to nastiness might cause some angry thoughtless statement (denoting further stereotypical commentary) to be made.


  2. And here once again I would like to thank Prosey for her effort. Her findings are of immense value to me. I found her entry and this entry today and wish I could somehow access the complete old forum but that would be too good to be true.

    • Ah, I see what you’re saying. I don’t have any suggestions around that dilemma. If you look, though, at a couple of the titles…one being “Fuck Feminism” — and just the immediate commentary you can see — I can tell you *right there* that the origins of this “educational academy” find their roots in the MRA movement, alongside MGTOW (even while they rail on PUAs pretty harshly). They fail to recognize that feminism is NOT a singular *thing*…but a multiplicity. Generally speaking, MRAs despise any form of feminism, and see it as a threat to masculinity. Failing to recognize that the heart of feminism is equality. There is so much history to this topic, way too much to put into a single comment in a blog comment thread. What I will say, though, is that I am extremely wary of *any* group that asserts that feminism undermines men’s rights, since authentic feminism defends women, men, minorities, et al. The notion of “pussification” (aka manginas etc) is one that parallels almost every other anti-intellectual grouping I’ve ever encountered.

    • For an example of what I’m referring to (and this is just a *very* small sample), Futrelle -the oft maligned “mangina” in the MRA subreddit world- shared this entry today. Some of the language used by the MRAs he’s quoting should sound familiar.

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