The Manhood Academy Tries To Hide Behind The First Amendment

A criminal complaint has been filed against the owners of The Manhood Academy. This taken from one of the sites of my friend who is the one who has filed the complaint (Please excuse the profanity used by the people from The Manhood Academy, I don’t think the know how to talk civily:

The response received from you is nothing short of a direct threat, and has been treated accordingly.

Your response – for the public record –

[quoting me back to me]

Awesome, you’ve got a trackback and found a couple of my webpages. I’m SO impressed. More impressed that you posted my image (from my sites) without my express permission – and though I’ll grant those sites ARE public, the images themselves are copyrighted. Or are you unfamiliar with terms of use in Internet posting? I also note, interestingly, the images you chose. But that is neither here nor there, honestly. In giving you free publicity, so have you given me some…so thanks. I will ask kindly that you remove the picture with my son in it. As he is a minor (a newborn in the picture) AND that you are guilty of copyrights violations, it’s bad enough that you posted images that you have no ownership rights to…it’s quite another that you posted one of a minor without the express, written permission of the parent.

Yep, that is what I said. You came HERE to THIS page and lifted images of MY child without MY EXPRESS WRITTEN PERMISSION FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF DISPARAGEMENT. And I called you on it. You are welcome to visit MY page at any time. YOUR website is LIKEWISE public. No imagery that is copyrighted by you was pilfered. Your “tutorial” eBook is, by your own words, FREE TO THE PUBLIC. And even with that, you were duly CITED as is expected under the terms of copyright laws. Further YOUR organization is SEEKING PROFIT. Mine is NOT.

Your response:

“basically this crazy cunt is complaining about PUBLIC PICTURES, SHE PUBLICLY POSTED to gain attention for herself. never mind the fact that this hypocritical cunt is POSTING IMAGES FROM OUR SITE WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION. so she feels she can break the law with impunity because feminism told her that all legal consequences fall on the shoulders of MEN–just as we stated in our ebook. this is a perfect textbook example of that.”

<image of a lolzcat/icanhazcheezburger>

[quoting me back to me “Next up…I’m ignoring the vast majority of your “retort”]

<image of cutekitteh>

“OF FUCKING COURSE you’re ignoring it. you don’t have the mental capacity to debate us. no feminist does.

and if you can’t silence us through intellectual debate, the next best thing is to CRIMINALIZE US for daring to speak out publicly against the hypocritical gender policies of feminism.”

[quoting me back to me “Lastly, I will be in contact with your website’s ISP for violations of copyright laws where I and my children are concerned. I don’t rightly care that you “gentlemen” are misogynistic jerks with no self-awareness — the blind leading the stupid, quite frankly. You all are free to believe whatever you choose. However, where you step beyond that right of personal conviction into infringing onto the rights of another? That is where the line is drawn.”]

“yes, you’ve PUBLICLY POSTED YOUR PICTURES ON A PUBLIC FORUM, ALONG WITH THIS INFANT WHO YOU CLAIM TO CARE ABOUT PROTECTING THE IDENTITY OF–LOL–and suddenly you’re becoming self-righteous about people seeing you? typical feminist hypocrisy. meanwhile you have NO PROBLEMS violating copyright claims when it concerns OUR WEBSITE.

make sure you IMMEDIATELY remove any content you posted from this site. you don’t have our permission to use it, you crazy cunt.”

There is nothing I need to remove since nothing I have put up is in copyright violation – as you have said what you have posted is free public content – and you seek PROFIT for your SERVICES outside of the state of California. Again, HUGE difference.

[quoting me back to me: “Update: Letter has been sent – both to the ISP and to the LAPD. In reviewing the content more closely and upon consulting with some professionals in areas of law and criminal behavior, I learned that what is transpiring in that website is actually against the law. Usage of my images is minor, comparatively. So…the letter has been duly sent – and I’m posting this publicly so that nobody can claim “entrapment” or “surprise” by my notifying not only the ISP, but the legal authorities regarding what amounts to a HATE GROUP.


<image of cute kitteh again>

“just as we told you men–YOUR CIVIL RIGHTS are being threatened by crazy feminist cunts like this.

we warned you: feminists will always try to CRIMINALIZE FREE SPEECH. it’s the only way they can silence the opposition. in a feminists’s delusional mind, your MALE perspective amounts to “HATE SPEECH.” anything you say that STANDS AGAINST the entitlement mentality of feminism WILL BE CRIMINALIZED. in a feminist’s delusional mind, you are no different than Hitler, the KKK, islamic terrorists, etc.”

<image of Adolf Hitler; image of KKK; image of Middle Eastern terrorists>
“dear feminist cunt,

you are NO LONGER ALLOWED to post on this site. if you continue to stalk us and post “hateful” content, we will consider it CRIMINAL HARASSMENT and be contacting your ISP and local authorities regarding your “HATE SPEECH.”

[as we’ve always stated, feminists love to have their cake and eat it too; they want the protection of the law when it suits their selfish interests, yet they have no problem violating the law.]”

As is typical with people who try to spin truth, Professor Plum has confused what he has done (illegal) with what I have done (legal)…and has tried a blatant and direct threat this time.

Of course, I responded – especially since he pilfered images of MINE to use in a denigrative fashion against me – which he is NOW trying to construe as “stalking” wpid-lol-2011-01-2-16-421.gif

My response:

“Actually, I posted no images of your website. I stayed within the law by quoting and giving credit back to authorship. Specifically.

What I do in an art site that is nothing to do with your page here is not open for your discretion to post anywhere.

Further, your weak attempts at intimidation and pressure of silencing someone who exposes your “Academy” for the hate group that it is only brings forth a letter to the proper authorities – in this case, the LAPD. You took images from my page. Images that I own the copyrights for. For disparagement and insulting purposes.

You do not have that authority or that right. And you have been thusly reported.

You don’t like that? That’s your problem, not mine.

We’re through here. Blither on all you like…but every single comment you make is saved for documentation and reporting purposes. I don’t stoop to the level of abusers through tactics of insidious and implicit intimidation. I simply handle these matters through appropriate legal channels.

Good day.”

Now then. This is being filed as a direct police report to the Los Angeles Police Department – not a cc’d email, though the ISP will be notified as well.


6 thoughts on “The Manhood Academy Tries To Hide Behind The First Amendment

  1. It appears that the pilfered image has been removed from the comments. I did, however, screen capture them.

    My complaint to LAPD has been forwarded to the specific city’s sheriff’s department, which actually has jurisdiction.

    And I’ve been in consistent contact with not only the ISP manager, but the specific web host…as of about an hour ago. I’m glad if they took the image down – because then I’m happy to leave the police out of it. The report is still formally filed, and that does not change. Maybe they’ll think twice before defacing someone’s personal property again (one can hope). To the rest, what they promote and advocate is something I can hope that the ISP and web host is willing to comply with their own Terms of Service.


    • If a man ever spoke to me the way manhood academy instructs their followers to speak to women, I would fuck start HIS head!

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