The Misogynistic Manhood Academy – The Only Pussies They Will See Is When They Look In The Mirror

I’ve written recently about the Manhood Academy site, here and here. Besides the fact that they refuse to allow comments critical of their site, they have now resorted to personal attacks and threats against one of the commenters and my good friend. They have apparently tracked back to one of her accounts and lifted a few of her images -INCLUDING one of her infant son!! They posted these pictures in a personal attack in the comments section of their blog. Out of respect for her, I am not going to post a link to that.

Who are The Manhood Academy?

According to their web site, the Manhood Academy:

        Manhood Academy is the first worldwide male educational center specifically designed to train men in social competence.

They offer a free e-book entitled, The Principles of Social Competence. Here is are a few quotes from the free, online book:

Relationships give women the opportunity to depend on men (for protection, affection, stability, security, provision, etc.). They also give men the opportunity to depend on women (for sex, companionship, children, support, etc.).

Relationships give women the opportunity to depend on men (for protection, affection, stability, security, provision, etc.). They also give men the opportunity to depend on women (for sex, companionship, children, support, etc.).

Instead of forming healthy relationships with authoritative men, today’s women are ushered into a dysfunctional relationship with the State; police offer protection, courts offers social support, a welfare system provides food and shelter, the media provides approval, business careers provide an illusion of self-sufficiency, fertility clinics provide children, and prescription drugs provide instant pleasure. By usurping the function of men, the State undermines the potential for healthy relationships between men and women.

Ironically, the State’s own dysfunctional authority cannot meet the needs of women. While police and the judicial system work to deter crime, they can do nothing to teach women how to dress appropriately in public or prevent women from creating dangerous situations for themselves.

Giving women independent rights to childbirth will never solve the problem of overcrowded prisons created by single mothers. The state’s inability to exercise proper authority over women results in a thoroughly unsatisfying relationship.

There is more, much more, all in the same vein. It is nothing but a load of misogynistic hate thinly disguised as a self-help guide for men who want to be more successful with women. It does nothing but perpetuate the idea of male privilege that has sadly existed for thousands of years.

These are a bunch of emasculated men who, instead of looking to themselves for the causes of their feelings of inadequacy, have to blame women and the society that protects women’s rights.

The brief research I’ve done in looking through the leaders’ comments and those of their “students’ show utter contempt for women and for the men who support women. Their language is crass, sexist and juvenile. When a conversation between one of the “professors”, Professor Plumb and a student include the following line, “I’ll only jizz on her breasts”, you can be sure that this is site is nothing more than a place where a bunch of self-emasculated, misogynistic, hate-perpetuating jerks get together to commiserate how none of them can get laid. I wonder why that is!


53 thoughts on “The Misogynistic Manhood Academy – The Only Pussies They Will See Is When They Look In The Mirror

  1. Thank you, Jay. *hug*

    I’m disgusted and appalled by those guys…but I will not be silenced by them. Nor will I resort to their flagrantly abusive methodology.

  2. I thought these guys were a joke at first. I can’t believe there are still people out there who are like this. On the positive side, I can honestly say I’ve never met anyone like these people before.

  3. Their is actually good content on the site to help men stand up for themselves more. Some of the ideas of the site however are a little extreme and won’t help men gain the social competence they need. They do address some valid points though, there is a large failure in recent years to provide good role models for men in pop culture. The last good example was Captain Jean Luc Picard on Star Trek back in the early 90’s. A lot of men do not know how to make their own needs known and tend to defer to the ideas set forth by women when it comes to being a better man.

    No offense women, but you can’t teach a man how to be a good man. Only a man can do that, and lately their has been an ever increasing shortage of good men. To address this shortage many men will try to discover what that means themselves, and if they think they’ve found a good enough system they’ll attempt to share it with others, which is the case for manhood101. Their intentions are good, but their execution is poor.

    Please don’t demonize such attempts to show us men, how to be better examples of men. This isn’t something that is going to make the lives of females worse. The more good men there are, the better your dating prospects are, and the better your husbands are. Society itself benefits from the presence of good men as well. But this cannot be stressed enough, a woman can only do so much when it comes to teaching a male how to be a good man.

    It’s like trying to tell someone that they need to think for themselves more and then giving them examples of such. If they just listen to you and accept your advice then they haven’t learned a thing. It’s something they need to find for themselves. So too must a man discover how to be a better man. It only comes from good examples in society, good role models, and a strong father figure. The lack of such is one of the main reasons sites like this have started popping up. We have a real problem with this right now, and men everywhere are desperately trying to figure out how to fix it.

  4. Exactly. Manhood academy and their ilk may be extreme, but at least they are responding. In time we will have more balanced,realistic versions of this group trying to help men. Make no mistake about it, men need help right now. With divorce courts making us out to be abusive rapists(men who have never acted violently in their life being labeled as abusive,having their children stolen,while they pay for their ex wife to fuck someone else in their house), men who are expected to be providers even though women are more employed than we are.

    Also more women in college(it’s alot harder for men to strip or do porn to pay for school) and yet they still only want men who are ABOVE them fiscally and physically. If that’s the case most men won’t be good enough, so they settle, but hold it against their “shitty” man until a better one comes by then divorce time!

  5. Sorry to dissapoint you but the title of this entry is only true for the author and his/her friends.

    I’m a student at the manhood academy and I’m glad it exists.

      • Oh hi prosey, I’m surprised to find you here, well you guys are friends after all. Anyway I would like to thank you for your effort on the Manhood Academy Archive which you posted on your blog. I don’t know about your fellow friends but it was very valuable to me. It was interesting to read Professor Plum’s old post even though they covered the same principles which are covered in the ebook, it was still helpful to read them. They were raw material and helped understand from where the professor is coming from, it’s a shame once couldn’t access the complete old forum.

        Regarding your witty reply above I guess it’s up to each individual to judge what’s the truth and who is the obstinate one.


    • Hi Timmy (nice to be able to address you directly),

      Not really (replying to your last post here…below). I wasn’t trying to be witty. Just responding to your comment. Truth is not *singular* (which I’ve also written about in my blog). Truth is multifaceted, but you have to understand that first. Reality is singular…but it is like a diamond, with many facets. Saying that your truth is different from my truth undercuts the very premise of truth. Two people can see truth from different perspectives, and both can be correct. One problem…of many…with the Academy is that they ignore that basic premise, insisting that *their* view is THE view. Men who are willing to refer to women as “cunts” and men as “manginas” for merely disagreeing with their perspective, and attempting to engage in dialog with them (not to mention all the other things that “Professor Plum” did) are not “men” in the sense that they insist they are. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…a broken clock is correct twice per day. That they may have a couple of *positive and correct* things to point out, amid all of their garbage doesn’t change the fact that what they teach men remains garbage.


  6. You’d better be careful, James. Using the female genitalia as an insult can result in the revocation of your mangina license.

    • I see Mr. Geoff is confusing feminist thinking with language policing. The only people who get bunged up about the term “pussies” being used the way Jay’s using the word typically have no problem calling men “dicks” too. As a feminist but not a language cop, I find the term “mangina” more offensive than Jay calling the Manhood Academy folks “pussies”…especially when “mangina” is being said by someone who thinks he’s clever, but is clearly being a dick.

  7. I’m about half way through it and most of it is blatant generalizations, unfortunately. I’ll likely finish it because I have found some items of merit but they are strung together with such hateful messages.

    To anyone looking to read this (or that had previously put it down): Try to filter through the hurtful messages presented. I think if you can take this with a grain of salt, it’s worth your time.

  8. I started reading through their ‘social competency’ ebook and was frankly blown away. First off, I was not aware that there were men out there who were so completely lost regarding their ‘place in society’ that something like this could possibly appeal to them. Guys, if you are so far gone that that website sounds like good advice, you’ve got big big problems. It tells me that your relationship with women has been so totally one-sided that you have absolutely no clue what ‘healthy’ is and you are grasping for anyone to speak with authority regarding ‘how things oughta be’.

    Make no mistake, that website is not teaching ‘social competence’, it’s teaching ‘social dominance’. Like many internet ‘communities’ it will attract a small number of people who will talk into the echo chamber and listen to each other until they believe that they truly represent ‘normal’ and the majority. But it ain’t so. That’s not what being a real man was ever about, and it’s not what being a real man should be about. My father raised me better than that, and his father raised him better than that. They both knew their place in society and in the male/female relationship and it was always about a partnership and playing to each other’s strengths, not spending your time obsessing over whether you were letting the other person dominate you. If you’re that worried about looking weak, then the problem is you, not someone else.

    • “it was always about a partnership and playing to each other’s strengths”

      If you hadn’t read the book with your prejudiced views, you may have been able to comprehend that this is EXACTLY what the Manhood Academy teaches. It teaches that very concept, that partnership is a co-dependency where both partners are complementary to each other. The man needs the woman because she has skills and abilities he does not, and vice versa. Which is exactly how gender works: They’re two different pieces of a puzzle, but put together they complete each other. Men and women ARE different, and they slide together in a beautiful finished puzzle. Yet feminism teaches that there is and shouldn’t be any difference, that all the bits of the puzzle are equal. Which leads us into a world where the we frantically try to piece the puzzle together, but end up giving up and letting the bits go their separate ways. So the bits just remain there, incomplete and alone, never able to truly fit it’s counterpart.

      THIS is what Manhood Academy is about, that is why it hates feminism. It doesn’t hate women, it hates feminism, because it ruins our inherent state of being complementary to our partner. If you can’t realize this by reading the ebook, I fear you’ll have a hard time every returning to a functional state of being.

      • You clearly know no actual truth about gender if you think that male and female are anything other than physically different. The so-called gender differences are NOT inherent. They are learned, societally-based and driven.

        You also clearly know nothing about feminism, if you believe that “feminism” is all about *gender* feminism…which is one extreme aspect – a stereotype – that has been wrongly and grotesquely used to define ALL of what feminism is.

        Whatever you define as “functional state of being” is YOURS to live out and through…not to determine how anyone other than yourself should life.

      • It is now clear to me that you’re a moron. Not only do you think that the physical and mental are separate, you’ve also fooled yourself to believe that feminism largely isn’t about gender. Look up the definition of the term, actually; use your brain. Does “feminism” sound like something not aimed at a gender, particularly the FEMININE one? Feminism is about women, and it always will be.

        Related to the physical and mental remark of mine. Have you absolutely no clue of how the body works? Do you even realize that your mentality is controlled by a PHYSICAL organ? You talk as if a stab in the brain wouldn’t affect your mind, because the mind isn’t a physical thing. Women and men are built differently, which means their brains function differently too. Have you cared to take a look at nature? Notice how animals behave differently according to their species. Different physique – different mind. See how the lioness behaves differently than the male lion? Different physique – different mind. See how a male golden retriever behaves differently than a male bulldog? DIFFERENT PHYSIQUE – DIFFERENT MIND.

        Don’t buy the bullshit that the male and female mind is completely equal, and that the only difference between men and women lie in physique. Honestly, as a grown up person you HAVE to have noticed the difference in men and women’s behaviour. Furthermore, look to any science on the matter: It clearly states men tend to use the left side (the logical, scientific side) of the brain, whereas women lean more to the right side (the creative and abstract sice) of the brain. Men and women are different in their entire being. They also fit together both physically and mentally, they complement each other. Unless for some reason one gender should try taking on all the responsibility and functions of the other. That would mess up the finely carved puzzle, and the pieces would start fitting less and less together. Now, do you know which direction rates of singlehood and divorce has gone after feminism came along? That’s right.

        Unless you’re able to grasp this very simple concept of the mental and physical difference between the genders, I have better things to use my time on than trying to clean up your mind. I’ll leave that task to yourself.

      • *laughing* You clearly know nothing of the actual science, or you would have cited your sources. I can easily route you to Jay Giedd, Lise Eliot, Roz Barnett, and several others (both neuroscience – aka direct studies of the brain related to gender AND social scientists). You’re spouting opinions, and very poorly developed ones. So sad that misinformation seems to be the norm, and actual research is relegated to “academic elitism”. Furthermore, I don’t need you to “clean up” my mind, thank you very much. You have enough problems with your own.

        And take care with pathetic ad hominem attacks, “Truth” — they say a lot more about YOU than they say about who you are attacking. Peace out, girl scout.

      • Oh, you’re very good trying to shame me into agreeing with you. In addition, the sheer hypocrisy of you telling me that “THAT’S JUST YOUR OPINION, AND IT SUCKS” is beyond my comprehension. Alright, you seem to be too prideful and full of your own blessed ego to use your fucking brain. So as promised I’m done with you.

        I hope clinging to your neuroscience keep making you immune to experience and observation. It’s clear that you care none of how your years of school showed you that only women have bff’s whom they bring to the bathroom. It’s also clear that you are oblivious to the female mindset not including wanting to watch sport and pop a beer in front of the TV, and the male mindset care less about spending hours shopping for clothes. I mean, neuroscience says there’s absolutely no difference. Surely those differences must just’ve been something you IMAGINED. That bible- I’m sorry, I mean SCIENCE is written by trustworthy people who never go wrong. In science we trust.

        As a free thinker, I can say you have failed to grasp the concept of FREE THINKING. A mindset where logical thought and reason goes in front of blind belief.

        With that, have fun being an idiot. After all, they say ignorance is bliss.

      • Actually, I could give a flying monkey shit if you agree with me. By calling neuroscience “clinging …to experience and observation”, you reveal yourself that you are an anti-intellectual, and history demonstrates what your ilk is and does when challenged. You simply demonstrated that here for all to see. Good on you. I don’t have a bff, I like sports and beer, and I hate shopping. So just a few of your idiotic stereotypes shattered in public on the Internet for all to see (and any/everyone who KNOWS me knows that what I just said is 100% accurate — AND I’m the granddaughter of a former professional ball player, so fuck off on the asinine notion of women not liking sports & cracking open a cold one…yet you call me a moron…jeesh, turn the mirror on your own idiotic self).

        If you want to have your last word, go ahead. You only continue to reveal yourself for the bloviated bovine-brained Foxtard you actually are.

        Yet, I feel we’ve met before…and eventually will meet again. Tangling with Manhood Academy douchebags seems to be set in some kind of stone.

      • “If you hadn’t read the book with your prejudiced views”

        Considering that I wandered onto it completely by accident, and am in a decades-long healthy relationship with all the trimmings that go with that, and am personally happy and successful with a large social circle of people who are also in long-term happy marriages with kids and the works, I submit that you have no evidence on which to base your opinion other than the fact that I disagreed with the ebook’s arguments.

        Since that is probably the only basis for your claim, I submit that you are using circular logic that your average Scientologist would recognize immediately. Congratulations, you are now qualified to debate Tom Cruise.

      • a “feminist” is a person – male or female – who wants their kids to have better choices than they had.

        my grandmother grew up in a world where women couldn’t legally vote. she and her sisters and mother and cousins couldn’t legally own property or have a bank account without a man acting as trustee. my aunts grew up in a world where most colleges refused to allow women students. my godmother was kicked out of med school when she arrived and they realized that the student they had accepted was a woman, not a man.

        my grandfather worked hard to provide for his daughters and was furious when they were denied jobs or college admission because they were girls.

        feminism did not arrise out of a desire to destroy, but to enrich the lives of their daughters and sons. they wanted their daughters to grow up in a world where they could choose to be mothers and doctors and voters and wives and housekeepers and politicians. they wanted their sons to grow up in a world where they could share their lives and burdens and hearts with strong competent women.

        every feminist i know is a mom and wife and some of them work outside the home and some of them don’t. they are married to men who are confident enough in themselves to want partners who don’t expect somebody else to take on all the responsibility of paying all the bills and making all the decisions while they go paint their nails.

        being a man or a woman isn’t about who’s in charge or who’s the boss. it’s about being adults, doing our jobs whatever or wherever they are, and giving our kids better choices then we grew up with.

    • Desperately trying to convince yourself that somehow you do not struggle with these issues. In a word: denial. Cognitive dissonance is rough but it can do a lot of good. You should accept that.

  9. I don’t see why you whining about a website that is design to help you achieve a functional male life. Your totally reading that book from a childs perspective don’t you see the long term benefits. Stop! being short sighted. Man is meant to be in charge its about respect not getting your rocks off. If you were not so busy calling them names and labelling them you might learn something.

      • Speaking as both a person fortunate enough to have been raised with a benign attitude towards feminism [the logical definition of that word not some arbitrary subcategory] and also an unspectacular male specimen with gifts of perspicacity appreciated by few of my gender, who learned to stop hating himself from reading the material you have been railing against on this page (i of course learned to hate myself in the first place firstly from a school system that equates a desire to move in spite of being nonathletic and white, with delinquency and insolence, and secondly from a string of females who couldn’t be bothered to notice how much their opinions meant to me because they expected me to be just like most boys in their experience: selfish, conceited and domineering, the first of these being my own mother). I have also found the manhood academy material to come off a bit primitive on the whole. I also found it to be uniquely insightful and sympathetic to my desires and experience of coming into maturity which from what I can find in literature written by either sex, lies but on the frontier of what the literate woman is equipped to talk about. and as vindictive as some of the generalizations in that ebook are, they are in most typical cases relatably accurate enough to vindicate the hurt, battered, types of thinking you are so clearly against.
        Think of it this way: in the same way that institutional feminism could be argued to have been hyperbolic in its implementation (loving and devoted fathers like mine, kept from seeing his kids, stripped of his ability to determine how his money is spent on his daughters because he’s left with none of it til long after both have moved out of their mothers home to escape of the abuse from her and the woman-beater she upgraded to after her divorce from my father), the reasoning and social schema employed in ‘principles of social competance’ are more vulgarly male-centric then their cultural effects are necessarily intended to be. what you may not realize though is that the author of this book is playing a numbers game. he doesn’t want to be in oprah’s book club, he wants to spawn a cohort of men capable of saying what they mean, and feeling good about what they want. That is what it takes to cut through the cultural bullshit keeping so many perfectly kind, loyal, strong men alone in a mire of pointless self-doubt and illusory guilt -and ironically the most predatory, chauvinistic players knee-deep in an ever-flowing river of poon-tang. He is trying to change a culture and in order to do that he is delivering his message as an extension of the thinking of the lowest, and thus commonest, of common denominators represented by his target audience. this is perfectly logical and its what feminism did by way of all that bra-burning drama; most men who could use dating advice were raised by an Archie Bunker [though not all of us, obviously] and harbor resentful little theories with statements like “By usurping the function of men, the State undermines the potential for healthy relationships between men and women”. you want to make a point to them, you cater to their prejudices, and the ones you want to be spreading your message will come out of the woodwork [like the more mature posts on this page defending manhood academy], naturally selected for by the collective unconscious disdain for inarticulate and forceful people of either gender. I believe it is the authors intention that these men will be equipped to deliver an updated version of his message that is devoid of the kind of thinking that breeds the unattractive chauvinists and archie bunkers that would hold women like you back because they expect you to be like most women in their (mostly painful and sparse) experience, who at least when young, are vain, disingenuous and underhanded however otherwise conscientious and pleasant they may also be.
        Frankly, I was incredulous half the time i spent reading ‘principles of social competence’. i caught myself laughing at the wackier generalizations and blunt dismissal of everything i’d come to associate with the “fight” for gender equality. But what kept my interest was his condemnation of violence and identifications of patterns such as the self-conflicting expectations of many women, including as especially my own mother, who is a fucking Vimy ridge of misconceived paternalistic pseudo-piety AND feminist new age ideology. Upon finishing it I resolved to send a copy to an older male relative who in scarcer times has said some mightily pathetic stuff. and it made me sad, because i know this man is better than that, he’s just a major geek and so gives and gets a lot of crossed signals. but rather than dismiss someone i’ve had the candy-assed luck not to end up like, manhood academy actually inspired me to try to sneak past his prejudices and give him material that i have no doubt will broaden his perspective, whilst simultaneously telling him his hunches were right, only incomplete. couldn’t we all use a little something like that?

        Who have you helped to liberate today? They likely to make anyone else happy with their liberation or just go shopping and have their nails done?

      • NerdyHarry ~ I will say only this. You’ve found an interesting common-ground…an in-between place. *tilts head and looks at you* Funny thing, this Internet space. I know that over in the so-called “Manhood Acadmey”, I come across as a CoUNTry bitch…and I’m not sorry in the least for that. You don’t know my history with them, and why I don’t grace them with my presence. This history is pretty nasty…and I know the misogynistic b.s. that Professor Plum is truly capable of…because I was a recipient OF it. Thing is, with enough pushing, he did me a kindness. He did the one thing I asked him to do, even if I had to become the raging bitch he speaks of so viciously in order for him to actually DO that one thing. It wasn’t a big thing, but it was important…and of course, they took that to a new low, which was ugly, but I did not care, because I will not have my minor child used as a pawn for their vile messages.

        If you benefit from their work, NH, then more power to ya. If you live by their work, at some point you will wind up creating serious harm to someone you claim to love. I don’t hate them. I don’t hate anyone. I hate what they represent, no matter how much it can -in its weird way- benefit my fellow human beans…but I don’t have time to hate them personally. In fact, I don’t have time for them at all. I have better things to do. But…I’m continuing to be amused, all these years later, that people take the time to come to my friend’s blog here, and rail about the injustice done “to them” by calling them on their b.s.

        Peace to you.

  10. @Truth
    The belief in the biological determinism of gender can easily be sourced. Not only can we source it from the countless scientists who DO not believe gender is a social construct, we can even point to the very same ‘authorities’ feminist love hold aloft.

    Jay Giedd: The ENTIRE STUDY looks at the differences between male and female brains, and concludes they are very real.

    Lise Eliot: “Eliot argues that infant brains are so malleable that small DIFFERENCES at birth become amplified over time, as parents, teachers, peers—and the culture at large—unwittingly REINFORCE gender stereotypes. Children themselves exacerbate the differences by playing to their modest STRENGTHS.” [CAPS MY EMPHASIS] . Note also her dishonest qualifiers ‘small’, ‘modest’ and the use of ‘stereotype’ as though the gender differences didn’t reflect reality.

    Rosalind Barnett: Completely fraudulent answers – claiming that there are ‘no studies’, and that biological determinism (an entire FIELD of science), is nothing more than ‘anecdotal evidence’.

    The problem for you is, desperately holding onto CLEAR falsehood only hurts your own agenda in the end, because when people see the lies and distortions your entire credibility will be lost. And why is the concept of biological gender identities (as we see throughout the ENTIRE natural world of which we are a part, by the way), SO threatening. Its ridiculous. They are simply averages/generalizations etc. To say that the male mind is better structured for say, math; and the female for say, nurturing, does NOT mean men can’t care and shouldn’t be fathers, and women cant do math and should never learn it or teach it! That is a ridiculous non sequitur. They are just averages; women TEND to be/are TYPICALLY better at nurturing etc.

    And to acknowledge the differences doesn’t imply a VALUE hierarchy. Differences are equal in value, but different in FUNCTION. To claim, ‘nope, no difference, ever’ just makes you look desperate to uphold an ideology, and ideology that pushes the egalitarian notion of equality beyond where it belongs.

  11. I have read it and while there are some things that make sense, most of it is a steaming pile of sexist crap. Men and women are different yes, but no one, and I mean NO ONE’S entire life should be determined by what is between their legs. Everyone should have a choice in what they wish to do with their life. The notion that women like being dominated and treated like children is, quite frankly, insulting.

  12. There’s a lot of guys here calling this ‘manhood academy’ gold or truth or helpful to them. Yet, it appears to be only men saying this. That’s telling.

    I had a short relationship with a controlling man. Worst relationship of my life. As is typical, it didn’t start out that way. It wasn’t until we were living together (the lease was 1 year) that I saw his ‘I’m the man’ bs.

    I don’t take well to controlling, domineering behaviour and I value freedom so when he tried the ‘do what I tell you stuff’ I outright told him not to speak to me like that. It continued.

    Long story short. I told him I wanted out. He refused to take on the lease by himself or move out so I could take over the lease by myself. Yes, I gave him the choice. In the end I moved out to get away from him because I didn’t even like him anymore. I payed for 2 months and told him if he hadn’t either taken the lease or passed the lease to me by then, I would involve tenancy services to mediate.

    So, here’s the point I want to make to the guys who think this program is going to help. It won’t. The basic maxim of treating others how you wish to be treated holds true for both men and women. If someone is trying to control you, that’s not cool. It feels bad. That’s the way others experience it too.

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