French Vouge Goes Way, Way Too Far!

We expect the French to push the boundaries of art. Anyone who saw the crazy costumes at the closing ceremonies for the 1992 Winter Olympics at Albertville can attest to that. Add to that the high esteem they hold Jerry Lewis in, their freaky love of creepy mimes, and Maurice Chevalier and you have a pretty weird and strange artistic bent on display.

Now, though, we have moved from creepy and weird into sick and unconscionable. French Vogue now gives us kindergartners as sexy models. (Warning: the image at this link is disturbing, at least to me and probably every other parent on the planet) Their reasoning?

        “What makeup at what age? What makeup does one wear at 13? What about at 70? Obviously not like one does at 20.”

WFT! Ok, girls are starting to wear makeup young these days. My 12 year old has been wearing it regularly for at least a year. Showing us sexed up pubescent girls is not the way to show the best use of makeup. How about just some head shots of these girls? Why in the world would anyone, beside a pedophile, think to dress these girls like sexy models or starlets?

This is disgusting and morally indefensible. This is just one more example of the media promoting unrealistic female body images we well as grossly inappropriate sexual ideals for young girls.

I just hope the majority of French citizens are as shocked and outraged as I am.

(Thanks to Amanda Marcotte for tweeting this.)


4 thoughts on “French Vouge Goes Way, Way Too Far!

  1. It’s a trend of much older history than the French can be given full measure of “credit/blame” for. This was happening in the U.S. in the 40s & 50s (and is still happening, come to it). *siiiigh*

  2. LOL ~ I wasn’t suggesting you were picking on the French (I also have quite the %age of French lineage)…insofar as fashion, they have long been leaders in the industry. That being noted, child sexualization is just nothing new…was my only point. 😀

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