Senseless Violence

Once again, a senseless act of violence has struck my city. If you didn’t hear or read about it already, yesterday a 17 year old student at Millard South High School shot and killed an assistant principle and then later shot and killed himself. The suicide note he left said that he was upset about being suspended for 19 days for driving on the football field and tearing it up.

Three years ago, another disturbed young man killed nine people and himself at the Von Maur department store at the Westroads Mall here in Omaha. Yesterday was a painful reminder of terrible day.

Tonight I will be driving my son and a friend to meet his girlfriend at a candle light vigil that is being held at the high school. His girlfriend is a student there. My thoughts will be with the family of the assistant principle and the misguided boy who ended both their lives.

I really can’t find the words to express my sorrow, plus this isn’t a time to analyze or opine about random, senseless violence and what may cause it. This is time to reflect on just how precious life is and how quickly and suddenly it can be taken from us.


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