On Writing and the Omaha Atheists

I have finished a long, stressful week. I have done almost no writing at all this week. I’m hoping to change that this weekend.

Last night I went to my first meeting of the Omaha Atheists group. I have been a member for almost a year, but this is the first meeting I’ve managed to attend. It was for their new newsletter that they hope to begin putting out this summer. It is to be released quarterly. They requested that those of us who will be providing content, like myself, go through our archive of writings and see if there is material that we can use. Of course, I have a bunch of stuff on this blog that could be reworked, fleshed out and submitted for the newsletter.

I’m so glad I finally went to a meeting. The group has some really exciting things in the works this year. I can’t really say what they are as they are still in the works, but I promise that as soon as I can talk about them, you’ll hear it here first.

On Sunday I’ll be attending another of the group’s events. It is interviews for Project Interfaith, an Omaha, NE based groups that, according to there website works on, “…developing creative programs, trainings and workshops that build and sustain understanding, respect, and relationships among people of all faiths and beliefs and that promote a deeper understanding of and respect for religious diversity.” They wanted to interview a group of atheists for their project. I’m really interested in seeing how these interviews are conducted and find out more about what they do. One of our members share an office with the people who run the groups and had spoken very highly of them, so it should be really interesting.

Back to the writing theme I started off. I’ve had a copy of The Thinker’s Thesaurus: Sophisticated Alternatives to Common Words on my Kindle for a while, but I’ve found that trying to look up stuff in in on the Kindle is very difficult. A friend gave me a gift card to Barnes & Noble so I’m going there this weekend to pickup a copy of it. I’ll be trying to use it as I write to give some variety to my writing.

I also signed up for a month of free access to the online Chicago Manual of Style. I have been focusing on writing more for publications and professional blogs so I really need to make sure my writing there is as professional as possible. I haven’t decided if I want to pay the $35.00 a year for access to the online version or cough up the $60.00 for the bound version. The benefit of the online version is that, since I do all my writing on my computer, I’m online whenever I write anyway and the online version should be continuously kept up to date, where as the bound version will need to be replaced periodically. I’ll have to give it some thought.

Speaking of writing for publications, I submitted an article to Skeptical Inquirer. It is my first submission to a publication in close to 15 years, since I had a short story published way back when. I also have other articles in the works as well. My goal of becoming a professional writer within the next 7 – 10 years is starting to get into gear.

I hope to be back here with my usual rantings about religion, pseudoscience, and my other regular topics in short order.


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