Taking a Break

I’m taking a break from writing here, or anywhere for that matter. I have a son who is special needs who is going through a very difficult time. I am a single parent raising him and my daughter. Between working 40 – 50 hours a week, constantly having to monitor my son, and dealing with my own depression and anxiety, I just can’t dedicate the time and effort that is required to keep this blog working. Not that I have swamped by readers, mind you, but I feel a responsibility to those I do have to give them my best work, as good as that may be.

It is entirely possible that I may be back soon. Depression is a terribly debilitating disease. It keeps you from functioning and doing even normal, everyday things. It is stressful enough just making sure dinner gets ready, or that I balance the finances so that we have enough groceries to last until next payday and that the lights stay on. Add to that all the reading I have to do just to keep on top of issues and then actually formulating an idea for a blog entry and actually writing something worthwhile and you can see what I’m up against.

I’d had hopes of making a career of writing, but I can see that this will just have to wait. I can’t start now and then not be able to deliver when deadlines loom. It is irresponsible and self-defeating. I’m not giving up totally, but I have so much to improve on as a writer, I just can’t see how I can find the time and effort to improve even the basics of spelling and punctuation and grammar, never mind writing a cogent and compelling article.

I love the people I’ve met in the skeptical, humanist and atheist movements. Being involved has brought me great joy over the past year, but I just can’t see how I can take part in these movements when I can’t even manage my personal and family life. I had hoped I had found my voice and had something important to add, but I think I’m just one lone voice lost in a sea of many.

I want to thank everyone who has commented here. I hope I’ll be back soon, but only time will tell.



3 thoughts on “Taking a Break

  1. Jay, your life and that of your kids comes first, and you’re right to pay attention to them. I know depression is debilitating, and it’s hard to dig oneself out of the pit alone. Look around you for help and support–friends, or perhaps your county mental health service has support groups. Don’t try to gut it out on your own.


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