Hitler – The Last Refuge of a Theist

My childhood friend who was upset about my trashing of the bible as a source for moral authority has now commented on my Happy Darwin Day post:

Kerry D. Fitts commented on your post.
Kerry wrote: “don’t forget to credit Darwin with the nazi’s and the Holocaust Hitler was a big fan of darwin and his eugenics”

Ah, bringing up Hitler and the Nazis, the last refuge of scoundrels. Oh, wait, that is patriotism, we are talking about religion and science. We could apply Goodwin’s law, but I’m not sure that really applies. Still, dragging the Nazis into it is always bad form, unless you are discussing history.

I say to you, Kerry, that what hitler believed or promoted from his understanding of evolution is immaterial to wether Darwin or evolution is correct or bad.

Hitler also used Christianity and his Christian beliefs to justify almost everything about his regime. Check out these quotes by Hitler to find out just how prominent a role Hitler gave Christianity in his words and deeds.

Based on these copious quotes should I then say that Jesus and Christianity should be given credit for the Nazis and the holocaust as well? If anything, the prevailing Christian belief that the Jews were Christ killers is and was at the core of the anti-semitism that produced the horrors of the holocaust.

The fact that you seem to feel so threatened by a scientist and a scientific theory that you would stoop so low as playing the Nazi card shows me that you are deeply affected by cognitive dissonance caused by your religious beliefs. It is obviously pointless to continue discussing these topics with you as you are too entrenched in your dogma to make them productive.


18 thoughts on “Hitler – The Last Refuge of a Theist

  1. Charles Darwin’s “On the Origin of the Species” as on the list of books to be burned by the Nazis.
    Because we all know that if you really respect an author’s works, and use it as the basis of your philosophy, you set it on fire.

  2. The single “scholarly” work of which I am aware that promotes a Darwin-Hitler connection is a piece of propaganda funded by an “Intelligent Design” promoting group called Discovery. The book, called From Darwin to Hitler by an “Historian” named Richard Weikart, is widely discredited as nothing more than propaganda.

    As stated above, the Nazi’s burned Origin of the Species. Evolution was among the areas of scientific study derided by Hitler as “Jew Science”. Interesting in that Darwin was not Jewish.

    It offends me deeply when someone uses the Hitler card in such a patently false manner, intended to discredit with guilt by association.

    As Jay points out, Hitler self identified as a Christian. He felt that “The Almighty” guided and approved of his actions. Certainly the Christian-Hitler connection is much stronger than any supposed Darwin-Hitler connection.

    I do not blame “Christianity” for the actions of Hitler and the Nazi scum, nor do I blame “Christianity” for the atrocities of the KKK, who also consider themselves “God Fearing Christians”. I don’t even blame “Christianity” for the Spanish Inquisition (Hundreds of years before Darwin) or the Crusades. I hold as responsible the people that conceived and committed these atrocities.

    Long before Darwin, The Greeks and Romans and many others, considered themselves separate races from, and superior to, other people on the planet. Long before Darwin people of a variety of races considered other races to be less than human and tried to eliminate or enslave them. Human history is littered with attempts at genocide.

    Believing in Intelligent Design or Creationism in the face of all the SCIENTIFIC evidence to the contrary is a remarkable exercise in willful blindness.

    Trying to discredit Evolution by claiming it inspired one of the greatest atrocities in the history of man is vile and despicable and a pathetic attempt to defend the indefensible: “Intelligent Design”.

    I don’t pretend to be as well spoken or as intelligent as some of the people that write responses to this blog but I hope my points are clearly made and appropriate to the discussion.

  3. one more thought and then I will shut up.
    Tying Eugenics to Darwin is a false premise. Darwin spoke of NATURAL selection. He did not support Eugenics. I woudl also point out here that the term is rather broad spectrum in its application.

    Human had been practicing (Positive and Negative)Eugenics, though it isn’t called that of course, for thousands of years before Darwin, but on animals, not people. We did it with Dogs, cats, Horses, cattle, chickens…….

    • Actually, I wasn’t connecting eugenics to Darwin. 🙂

      I was connecting the misunderstanding of those who try to demonize Darwin by equating to Hitler; and those who demonize eugenics (via Margaret Sanger) by equating her to Hitler. If that makes sense…

      • Denise, to clarify, I was not referring to your post but rather to the original post by Kerry D. Fitts that Jay references at the beginning of his essay.

  4. (to fribnit, since the reply limitation dropped me to a new comment)

    Okay 😀 Just makin’ sure…because the subject of eugenics is one that is SO frequently abused by anti-choice people, I find myself perturbed and retreating into myself in quiet frustration. *winces…then smiles*

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