I’m too angry to even comment rationally on this. For anyone who had any doubts that the Republican party only cares about rich, white men, go here and read on. I’d recommend doing it on an empty stomach because if you have even a modicum of decency, it will make you want to hurl.


5 thoughts on “Motherf*#kers!

  1. How old are you,James? Doesn`t your parents care for you? Or your wife? Have you any? Forget about the GOP.
    Try to care for yourself first ,sonny.

  2. I’m 52, my parents are both dead, I have a wonderful wife, and children who care very much for me, as I do for them. It is because of my daughter and my wife that I get so angry at things like this. If we don’t allow ourselves to feel for others, to feel righteously indignant at inequality and hatred, we might as well just go live in a cave somewhere. Caring about our fellow travelers is the essence of being human.

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