Mother Fucker!

It is men like these that make me want to castrate and/or kill a significant percentage of my so-called “brothers”.  Brothers!  Blech!  Guys like this make me truly embarrassed to have a Y chromosome and a penis.  We need to supercharge our space program and create a penal colony on an asteroid and send every man who preys on a woman, wether physically, emotionally, sexually or financially there for the rest of their days to work in mines.  They don’t deserve the privilege of walking among others of their species.

Now that I have vented, let me say that we need to do whatever we can to help future generations of boys become men who value and appreciate the existence of 50% of their species who carry the X chromosome, not to mention carrying every single one of every person who ever has, is, or will be.   The real challenge, of course, is how to achieve this.  I try to do my part by, first, raising my children to see and appreciate the equality of men and woman.  I say equality in the sense of rights, opportunities,  and respect.  Second, I write about feminism from a man’s point of view hoping that others will see that a man can be a feminist while still being “a man” (whatever that means).  I try to call out men (and some women as well) when they perpetuate the stupid and corrosive sense of male privilege that permeates most societies around the world.

I am not perfect, as much as I try to see what I’ve called “male privlones” in myself as I was recently reminded.  It is all about mindfulness.  Mindfulness of our words and actions effect’s on others.  We all need to stop and think before we open our mouths, put words to media, or raise a hand.


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