Religion Kills Another Child (Again!)

I am too emotionally upset about this to even comment on it.   See my post from last month.  Unfortunately these things keep happening much to often.


7 thoughts on “Religion Kills Another Child (Again!)

  1. this is sickening. I agree. Heartrendingly sad.

    I just can’t put this one on religion. This is a severe mental illness.

    If the voice in the mothers head hadn’t been “god” it would have been the dog or the mailbox or the trees talking to her.

    Now I am going to sit and cry for that poor child.

    • I agree. It is mental illness, but religion can be a powerful enabler of mental illness and delusional behavior.

      I get so terribly sad when I hear things like this. And things like this are one of my arguments to the religious. How could an all loving, all powerful god let this happen to a child? Especially in his name? The fact that things like this happen is proof to me of the non-existence of a personal god who acts in the world. Either that or an evil, sadistic god. In either case, belief and/or worship servers no purpose whatsoever.

  2. I see I have been de-friended on facebook!!! I remeber you had a blog earlier blaming religion for a friend that disagreed with you about a blog on sex and moralality and he de-friended you. Proving your point
    now you have de-friended me I guess you are just like those you condemn. you do the same. I offered to have respectful and meaningful dialog about anything. It is obvious that you want neither. I am sure this comment will be deleted as it shows your hypocrisy. Is this hypocrisy representative of all athiest and radical liberals? I do not know since I cannot find anyone who will have an intelligent conversation with.

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