The Latest Altmed Insanity

Did you know that acupuncture can make you pregnent?  Neither did I.  Of course, the truth is that it can’t.  Leave it to PZ Myer to put things so eloquently:

“And then there’s this headline, “I’d lost my baby then somehow fell pregnant thanks to acupuncture“. There are clear and unambiguous causes of pregnancy — “somehow” isn’t usually a word associated with the process — and, well, acupuncture isn’t any of them. Although I suppose it could be an insulting reference to her partner’s penis size.”

Case closed.


3 thoughts on “The Latest Altmed Insanity

  1. Hilarious. I read PZ regularly, but haven’t been there today.

    I have a friend with fertility issues who was told by her chiropractor, “I’m going to make you pregnant.” hmmmm From the back cracking or from some other…probing?

  2. I have fallen behind on my blog feeds so I’m just getting to last weeks entries.

    I bet the chiropractor would have no problem at all getting her pregnant, assuming he is inserting his tab A into her slot B. 🙂

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