Shuffling Off The Mortal Coil

PZ Myers (yes, him again!) has some interesting thought provoking things to say about death.    In this post he compares his experience with near-death to that of Ray Comfort’s (he of the banana-as-proof-of-god fame.  Look up “ray comfort banana” you youtube for inane hilarity).  Ray, it seems, wishes his last words on this earth to be ones that implore those around him to accept Jesus as their personal savior so that they can have enternal life.  PZ’s likely last words?  A bit more mundane.  Please read his blog post to get the full appreciation.

I just want to leave you with a quote from the end of his post (yes, this is the third time I’ve linked to the post.  Can you tell that I really want you to read it?):

“So I rise from the not-quite-dead-yet, but having taken one step down that path, and I can tell you that as the darkness descends, there will be no gods or angels rising to judge you. You’ll be alone, no matter how crowded the room, and the only judge you’ll face is yourself. There will be no authority looking over your shoulder and telling you whether your life was worthy or wasted, and if there were, it’s opinion would be irrelevant — all that will matter is that you can look back and find happiness and accomplishment. We live our lives for our life’s sake, rather than for illusions about rewards and satisfaction after we’re dead.

If your last thoughts are about haranging everyone else about their theology, you’ve been living that life wrong.”


8 thoughts on “Shuffling Off The Mortal Coil

  1. I read the post at your pleading, even though I’ve been experiencing the issues with getting on it lately. It moved me to tears. What a beautiful way to look at the end. I hope I do the very same.

      • Yea, I get a this Dell Search Page, but if I refresh like 20 times I can get it to properly come up. It’s been happening for weeks. I’ve read PZ’s tweets and he complains about it all the time, but it hasn’t gotten any better for me.

    • The reader I use is with IE, and it doesn’t give the entire post or the comments. I should switch, I suppose, but I would have to redo my entire feed. …Stop calling me lazy…

  2. You should check and see if you can export your feed. It usually exports to an .xml file. I’ve exported mine from google reader to use in my reader on my Mac and it works perfectly. Google reader lets me read the whole entry.

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