Life? How the Fu@k Does That Work?

I got some interesting responses to my post about the call for prayers after the recent earthquake in Japan.   One in particualr caught my attention.  I am going to ignore the “warth of god” part of this comment to focus on the Argument from Ignorance logical fallacy that it contained.

” I see miracles everyday…unexplained by folks with your opinion… documentated facts that all your hatred cannot change.

> I see them everyday.

> Prayer changes things.”

My resonse?

As for you seeing things that you can’t explain, just because you can’t explain them doesn’t mean that god did it.  It just means that, at this point in history, we are unable to explain them.  People used to think that illnesses were caused by demons or humors because they couldn’t explain illness any other way.  Eventually we discovered the germ theory of medicine which perfectly explains it.  To say that “god did it” just because we can’t explain it is an intellectual cop out.  It allows us to abandon our reason and intellect and just throw up our hands and walk away when we are stumped by something we can’t explain.  The key is to keep asking questions; to keep studying; to keep learning; to thinking about the problem.

As we continue to study the problem an answer, an empirical one bound in reality, will eventually reveal its self.  When we surrender our reason and intellect to ignorance and laziness we become as children, who will believe any fairy tail, instead of the mature, thinking adults that we can be.

There something else going on in this person’s comment as well.  He referrs to “all your hatred”.  What hatred?  I never expressed hatred of anything in that post.  This is an all too common reaction from the true believer.  They take any criticism of their beliefs as being motivated by hate.  All I did was express my opinion that prayer is usuless and his god seems to be a cruel diety for making innocent people in Japan suffer.  It isn’t me who has the angry, vengful god.  It isn’t me who seems to take pleausre in the future eternal tourture of others at the hands of his sadistic deity.  The real hate here is bred from the ingornace and fear that indocrtination into any cult-like mindset causes, be it religious or political.  The fact is that your dogma encourages hatred of all thouse who don’t agree with you.  

As for my philosophy?  You can believe anything you like if it makes you happy.  Just don’t try to tell everyone else that they are wrong or dammed just because they don’t happen to agree with you.  Don’t try to force your beliefs on anyone else. 

I’ll leave you with an unattributed quote (Penn & Teller perhaps?):

“Religion is like a penis.  It is great that you have one. It is great that it brings you pleasure. Just don’t go whipping it out in public, and don’t try to shove it down my childrens’ throats.”


8 thoughts on “Life? How the Fu@k Does That Work?

  1. Hahaha Jay, I think you took Fribnit’s class on Posting While Pissed! I love it! 🙂

    That hatred thing…why does it keep coming up? Are these people trying to drive us crazy-to see some real fireworks? I just don’t get why they don’t understand that disagreement does not necessitate hatred.

    And yes, it’s a perfect quote. One day I’ll facebook it and ya’ll can sit back and watch the show.

  2. I just discovered that quote and I love it!

    While I’m totally ok with whatever religion people decide to choose for themselves, I’m NOT ok with people trying to tell me to believe what they do.

    Loved this post. 🙂

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