Crave Chocolate? Beware Who You Buy From

PZ Myers has a blog post about how cocoa farmers in Côte d’Ivoire in Africa are getting screwed by large, multi-national agri-businesses, local police, and their own goverment.   These farmers end up getting far less for their crops so that big business can milk every franc out of them, just so you can I can enjoy our chocolate.    PZ asks if there are any Fair Trade organizations for chocolate like there is for coffee.  I found a couple sources that I list below.  I am sure if you google “fair trade chocolate”, as I did, you’ll find even more.  Let’s try to be aware of the real price, in human terms, of our luxeries.

Whole Foods Market sells the 365 Everyday Value chocolate bars that are certified Fair Trade.

If you love chocolate (and who doesn’t), please make an effort to by fair trade ceritifed chocolate and help struggling farmers and their families in Africa get the best price for thier hard work.



4 thoughts on “Crave Chocolate? Beware Who You Buy From

  1. I’m not the chocolate hound in the house, but there are a couple of chocoholics…I will have to research if their preferred chocolates are “safe” for purchase…

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