Another WTF! Moment, Brought to You by the Catholic Church

According to the BBC, Former Belgian Bishop, Roger Vangheluwe, has gone public with his explanation for the molestation of two of his nephews.  While Fr. Vangheluwe freely admits that he engaged in sexual relations with his two nephews for 13 years, he contended that, “It had nothing to do with sexuality.”

When asked how the abuse began he stated:

“As with all families, when they came to visit, the nephews slept with me. It began as a game with the boys. It was never a question of rape.”

“I don’t have the impression at all that I am a pedophile,” he said. “It was really just a small relationship. I did not have the feeling that my nephew was against it, quite the contrary. It was not brutal sex.”

I don’t know what kind of family the former bishop was brought up in, but I certainly don’t find that kind of activity to be normal; as he tries to make it out to be.

This is a grown man who preyed on the most vulnerable of our society; children.  He was a trusted adult, more specifically, a family member.  He played a “game” with them that involved sexual contact.  These were children who did not have the capacity to understand what the real point of the “game” was.  They were emotionally unprepared and ill-equipped to deal with the powerful emotions that they surely must have felt.  For this douche-bag to say that this wasn’t a question of rape is beyond the pale.  For him to insist that he didn’t feel that his nephew was against it is obscene.  Children are unable to make such judgments.  Kids will go along with a trusted adult in anything because, as children, they rely on the adults who care for them to guide them and teach them.

The really sad part about this case is that he cannot be charged with a crime because too much time has passed.  I think the laws should be changed, where the statute of limitations on child abuse should be equal to the life span of the victim.Roger Vangheluwe is nothing but a sick, abusive man.  There are no excuses.  There are no rationalizations.

For the Catholic Church’s part, it has stated that the cleric:

“…had been ordered to leave Belgium and undergo spiritual and psychological treatment.The disgraced cleric has not been defrocked but the Vatican spokesman added that it was “obvious” he would not be allowed to practice as a priest while he was undergoing treatment.”

In other words, nothing is going to be done to hold him accountable in any way.  And people wonder why I’m an atheist.



8 thoughts on “Another WTF! Moment, Brought to You by the Catholic Church

  1. I am anti-death penalty. THAT SAID, I would not be opposed to castration without anesthesia for child molesters.

    Touch my children and I will make that happen.

    • Understandable, but molestation is more than just a sexual act. It is about control. Often the molesters will fondle the children and castration won’t stop that. These people are sick and, for the most part, incurable. They need to be locked up somewhere, for life.

  2. “And people wonder why I’m an atheist.”

    Things like this are why I am not a Catholic. My reasons for being an atheist (or whatever I actually am) are something else.

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