Why Are Atheists So Angry

As most of you who read this blog know, I was at the American Atheists Conference in Des Moines, Iowa this weekend.  One of the speakers was Greta Christina, a wonderful blogger, writer, editor, and speaker.  She gave an excellent speech titled, Why Are Atheists So Angry, which I wrote about very briefly about in an earlier post.  I also recorded her speech and posted the videos which you can fine here.

A friend of mine responded on my Facebook wall to my various post about the conference and asked:

“so why are athiest so angry? please just the headlines”

Unfortunately, I can’t give just the headlines because that would never do justice to the question.  I decided to transcribe all the reasons that Greta gave in her speech and publish them here. Please understand that I am not a stenographer, so I may have missed a few words or something here and there, but I think it is pretty accurate overall.

People are so used to whispering around religion that an everyday voice sounds like a shout.


I am angry that atheists get pegged for being angry and confrontational simple for existing and being open about who we are.


I am angry that according to a recent Gallop pool, only 45% of Americans would vote for an atheist president.


I am angry that that is took until 1962 before atheists could serve on juries, testify in court in every state in the country.


I am angry that atheists in the U.S. are frequently denied custody of their children in divorce cases strictly because they are atheists.


I am angry that the Iranian atheists blogger in Iran who said that they have to blog anonymously or they will be executed.


I am angry that that school boards across the country, 80 years after the Scopes trail, have to spend money and resources fighting the drive to teach creationism and ID in schools.  This is money that can be spent on making real improvements for our childrens’ education.


I am angry that science teachers in public schools often don’t teach evolution, or only give it a cursory mention even when teaching it is sanctioned nor ever required, because they are afraid of sparking controversy and don’t want to deal with angry fundamentalist parents.


I am angry that women are dying of AIDS in Africa and South America because the Catholic Church has taught them that using condoms makes baby Jesus cry.


I am angry that preachers tell the women of their flock to submit to their husbands because it is the will of God even when those husbands are beating them to within an inch of their lives.


I am angry thatt the belief in karma and reincarnation gets use as justification for the caste system in India.


I am angry that people bon into poverty and despair are taught that it’s their fault, that they must have done something bad in a previous life and that the misery they are born into is their punishment for that.


I am angry that people in Africa are being terrorized, driven from their homes, tortured, and killed over accusations of witchcraft; not in the middle ages, not in the 1600s, this is happening now, today, as we speak.


I am angry that so many parents and religious leaders terrorize children who:


a) have brains that are hard-wired to trust adults and believe what they are told.

b) are very literal minded.


are told stories of eternal burring and torture to insure that they will be too frightened to ever question religion.


I am angry that children are taught by religions to hate their bodies and their sexuality.


I am angry that female children get taught to hate and fear their femaleness, and that queer children get taught to hate and fear their queerness.


I am angry that in fundamentalist, Mormon, polygamous cults, girls are raised from birth to believe that they will be tortured and burned in hell if they don’t marry whatever man they are told to marry by their preacher, in most cases when they are teenagers, and in some cases when they are as young as 13, and in some cases younger than that.


I am angry that in the non-fundamentalist, non-polygamous entirely mainstream Mormon Church girls are raised from birth to believe that they will be tortured and burned in hell if they don’t marry, have lots of children, and be submissive to their husbands.


I am angry that gay kids are raised from birth that they will be tortured and burned in hell if they don’t deny and suppress their sexuality.


I am angry that in Salt Lake City, Utah, 40% of all homeless teenagers are gay because they have be kicked out of their house by their Mormon families.  Yeah, let’s hear it for family values.


I’m angry about the Muslim girl in the public school, who was told in the public school by her public school, taxpayer paid teacher, in the United States, in the classroom, that the red stripes on Christmas candy canes represented Christ’s blood, that she had to believe in him and be saved by Jesus Christ, or she would be condemned to hell and that if she didn’t there would be no place for her in his classroom.


I’m angry at the Sunday school teacher who told comic artist Craig Thompson that he could draw in heaven, and that she said this with the complete conviction of authority when, in fact, she had no basis whatsoever for that assertion.  How did she know that, as she asserted, that you could sing in heaven, but that you couldn’t draw?


I am enraged at priests who rape children and tell them that it’s God’s will.


I’m angry at the Catholic Church who consciously, deliberately, and repeatedly, for years, acted to protect these priests who raped children, and literally acted to keep it a secret.   I’m angry that they placed the Catholic Church’s reputation as a higher priority that children not being raped.


That the Catholic Church is now trying to argue in court that protecting child raping priests from prosecution and the shuffling of them from diocese to diocese so that they could continue raping children in new diocese and keep hidden from view, is constitutionally protected freedom of religion.


I’m angry about 9/11.  That after 9/11 happened that people of Middle Eastern decent were attacked and their businesses vandalized, because the were Muslims, or because people assumed that they were Muslims even if they weren’t because they blamed all Muslims for the attacks.


I’m angry that Jerry Farwell blamed 9/11 on pagans, abortionists, feminists, gays and lesbians, the ACLU, and People For The American Way.


I’m angry that this theology of an angry, wrathful god exacting revenge against pagans and abortionists by sending radical Muslims to blow up buildings secretaries and investment bankers.   I’m angry that this was a theology held by a powerful widely respected religious leader with million of followers.


I’m angry that little girls are getting their clitorises cut off because their parents’ religion teaches that it is necessary.


I’m angry that many people try to defend religion against the charge of female genital mutilation by saying, “Oh, that’s not what the religion really teaches if you look at the religions text, etc.”  The fact is that Islamic religion, as it is actually widely believed  and practiced; and not just Islam, but other religions in the region as they are actually believed and practiced teach that little girls need to have their clitorises cut off.  And it enrages me that so many people defend the religion and not the children.


I’m angry about honor killings.


I’m angry that in Islamic theocracies, women who have sex outside marriage, women who date outside their religion, women who spend time with male friends, woman who disobey their male relatives are executed.


I’m angry that in Islamic theocracies that even women who have been raped and be, and are, exacted for the crime of adultery.  I’m angry that the ones who only get imprisoned and beaten are the ones who get off lucky.


I’m angry that in Islamic theocracies, girls as young as nine years old can be married against their will.


I’m angry that when a nine year old girl in Brazil was raped, the doctors who preformed an abortion on her and the family who approved the abortion were excommunicated.  And I’m angry that there was no excommunication for the man who raped her.


I’m angry that in 13 states in the United States, child care centers operated by religious organizations don’t have to adhere to basic standards of health and safety and don’t even have to be licensed.   I’m angry that children in these child care centers have been harmed and have even died because of poor on nonexistent staff training and grossly unsafe conditions, and that the operators are immune from prosecution.


I’m angry that seriously ill children needlessly suffer and die because their parents believe in faith healing and believe that medicine treatment will anger their god.  And I’m angry that in 39 states in the United States these parents are protected from prosecution for child neglect.


I’m angry about what happened to Galileo, still.  And that it took until 1992 to apologize for it.


I’m angry that what happened to Galileo is, relatively speaking, a walk in the park.  I’m angry that astronomer Giodarno Bruno was burned at the stake for, among other things, advocating that the sun was one star among many.


I get angry when advice columnist tell their troubled letter writers to talk to their priest or minister or rabbi where there is absolutely no legal requirement that the religious leader have any professional training in counseling, and that the advice they offer isn’t based on any evidence about what does and doesn’t work in people’s lives, but is based purely on what their religious doctrine tells them God wants.


I get angry when religious leaders opportunistically use religion, and people’s trust and faith in religion, to steal, cheat, lie, manipulate the political process, take sexual advantage of their followers and, generally speaking, behave like the scum of the earth.  I get angry when it happens over, and over, and over again.  I get angry at the fact that we open up the newspaper and see the headline, “Religious leader behaves like the scum of the earth.”, that we all shrug and say, “Oh, what, that again?  It must be wednesday.”


I get angry when people see this happening and and still say that atheism is bad because without religion, people would have no basis for morality or ethics, they can just do whatever they want.


I’m angry that when my dad had a stroke and went into a nursing home, the staff asked my brother on intake, “Is he Baptist or Catholic?”.  And I’m not just angry on behalf of my atheist dad, but I’m angry on behalf of all the Jews and the Buddhists and the Muslims and the Neo-pagans and the Hindus who’s families were almost certainly asked that same question.


I get angry when religious believers make arguments against atheism, and make accusations against atheists, without having bothered to talk to any atheists, or read any atheist writing.  I get angry when they trot out the same old “atheism is a nihilistic philosophy with no joy or meaning, and no basis for morality  or ethics, when if they spent 10 minutes in the atheist blogosphere…they would discover countless atheists who experience great joy and meaning in their life, and are intensely concerned with right and wrong.


I get angry when believer say that the entire, unimaginable hugeness of the universe was made solely and specifically for human begins, when atheists say that humanity is pretty much an infinitesimal eye-blink in the vastness of time and space, and then they accuse atheists of being arrogant.


I get angry when believer argue against atheists by saying that we are intolerant or mean, we’re superior, we’re whinny, and we are, yes, angry, without actually making an argument for why we’re wrong and they’re right.


I’m angry that I have to know more about their religion then they do. They say things about the text and tenants of their religion that are flatly untrue and I have to correct them on it.


I get angry when believer  consider any criticism of their religion, i.e. pointing out that their religion is a hypothesis about the world that has to stand up on it’s own in the market place of ideas, as insulting and bigoted.


I get angry when believer accuse atheists of being intolerant for saying things like, “I don’t agree with you”, or “I think you’re mistaken about that”, and “What evidence do you have to support that position?”.


I get angry when believers respond to some, or all, of this litany of offenses by saying, “Oh well, that’s not the true faith.”  “Hating queers, rejecting science, and stifling questions of dissent, and cutting off people clitorises and so on, that’s not the true faith.  People who do that, they’re not real Christians, they’re not real Jews, they’re not real Muslims”. As if they had a pipeline to God. As if they had any reason at all to be sure what God wants and they know what true Christianity is, and the billions of others who agree with them have clearly got it wrong.


8 thoughts on “Why Are Atheists So Angry

  1. Many atheists are angry because of unresolved anger with their childhood. That deep seeded anger due to the betrayal/neglect or abuse of one’s parents at such a young age leaves them scarred for life, never able to believe that a God would actually care for them. (Study basic childhood psychology and you can easily see the connection) Atheists see God as hateful, because their own upbringing was absolutely hateful, through no fault of their own. I know an atheist very closely, and he was deeply neglected and wounded as a child, left alone to cry with no one to hold him, no love, nothing. Now he is a grown man who is emotionally stunted (can’t be any serious relationship) but absolutely intelligent. Many atheists seem to have high IQs, but terribly low EQs. He doesn’t even know why he is the way he is, he can’t even verbalize anything about his emotions to hopefully dig his way out of his past, his hurt, his wounds.

    I read up on Piers Morgans childhood (was interested because he is so deeply angry with anything God-related). Morgan’s childhood sounded really rough. Seems to fit in line with the theory posed above.

    Atheists can’t understand the things written about in the Bible because the Bible talks about relationships. Man’s relationship to God, and man’s relationship to each other. An atheist’s ability to understand and be in any healthy relationship was robbed from them as infants and young children due to abuse and neglect.

    I see atheists as people to be loved more because they were so robbed of love as a child. Their anger is deep, and strong, but they’re also deeply hurt. Anyone who has been hurt will understand this.

    Don’t believe it when someone says they are christian just because it came from their mouths. No real christian would ever hold up a sign that says “G– hates f–s” That’s just the religious fanatics, not the real church. Church (institution) is filed with hypocrites. Judge by the fruit of their lives, not by the words out of their mouths.

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