Miracle Mineral Solution – How Bleach Can Cure the World!


I listened to the Righteous Indignation podcast today where they interviewed Jim Humble, the creator and promoter of Miracle Mineral Solution.   The interview was very interesting and revealing.  It was interesting in the sense that it was fascinating to hear Mr. Humble commit just about every logical fallacy that I’ve ever heard of.  It was revealing in that it became obvious that Jimbo is either completely deluded or an evil genius.  

From listening to his halting, folksy way of speaking, the first impression is that he is simply deluded, but later we found out that he created a church to promote the healing properties of his Miracle Mineral Solution, or MMS.   When he was asked why he decided to use a church instead of a traditional non-profit organization to promote MMS, he rambled on about how Jesus told his disciples to go out and heal.   

When asked about an article in which he used the Catholic Church’s tax exempt status and the separation of church and state as examples of how this gives his organization more power than a non-profit, he fumbled around for a bit before admitting that it was a bad example to use given the abuses of the Catholic Church.

What strikes me about this, though, is that he obviously gave a lot of thought to how organizing as a church would allow him to skirt many of the laws and restrictions that a non-profit would be held to in providing health care using a product that can only claim testimonials and anecdotal evidence for its efficacy.  This shows him to be, in my book, a true charlatan. Evil genius it is!

The claims he makes for MMS are myriad and track perfectly with typical pseudoscientific claims.  It can cure cancer, HIV, malaria.  It can treat serious burns by lowering the PH of the burn area, which he claims is highly acidic, even though he has no medical research whatsoever to back up this claim.  In fact, he has no medical research at all to back up any of his claims.  When called on this, he spouts the usual clap-trap about modern science not wanting to believe the truth about his claims, invokes the evils of modern medicine, and goes on the seal the deal with anti-vaccination rhetoric. 

To quote his website:

“The answer to AIDS, hepatitis A,B and C, malaria, herpes, TB, most cancer and many more of mankind’s worse diseases has been found. Many diseases are now easily controlled. More that 75,000 disease victims have been included in the field tests in Africa. Scientific clinical trials have been conducted in a prison in the country of Malawi, East Africa.”

Strangely, he doesn’t not include links to these “scientific clinical trials”.  I wonder why?

This guy is treating people around the world with what is essentially bleach.  That’s right, bleach.  He advocates putting bleach on burns, open wounds, and drinking it to cure any number of maladies.  

Jim Humble should be locked up for peddling a dangerous product to innocent people, as well as practicing medicine without a license, but since he operations mainly in Africa, he is probably immune from prosecution here in the U.S.



One thought on “Miracle Mineral Solution – How Bleach Can Cure the World!

  1. when a family member of the ruling party of one of these African nations dies from this Miracle cure, we will no longer have to worry about this charlatan. Sadly it will probably come after many others die at his hands or from failing to get proper medical attention because desperate people will drink the sand if you come up with a sales pitch to convince them it is water.

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