Ben Stein – Douche Bag of the Month

Ben Stein; lawyer, actor, and evolution denier can now add privileged, sanctimonious douche bag to his list of titles.

In a recent American Spectator article, he defends Dominique Strauss-Kahn, head of the IMF, who has been charged with rape.  It isn’t the fact that Stein is defending DSK, it is how he defends him.

His basic claims are that DSK couldn’t be a violent sex criminal because:

•He is head of the IFM and how could he possibly get to be in that position if he is a violent sex offender.

•There aren’t any examples of economists or head of non-profits who are violent criminals. (wrong!)

•Criminals commit crimes and most criminals are poor.  DSK is rich so he can’t be a violent criminal.

•DSK is alleged to have forced the woman to have sex, but since he didn’t use a gun or a knife, there is no way he could have forced her. (I didn’t realize it was still the 1950’s)

•The accuser (he doesn’t consider her a victim) is a “have-not” and the “have-nots” hate the “haves” so they will stoop to anything, including falsely accusing a rich man of rape.

Basically, Stein is saying that rich people can’t be violent criminals because they are rich.  DSK is also very well known, and because of this he can’t possibly be a violent criminal.  The real criminals are the have-nots, who are greedy and envious of the “haves”.

There is so much douche baggery here that I don’t even know where to begin.  Instead, I’ll just say:  Ben Stein, you are a first-class, complete and utter douche bag!

Nuf’ said.


2 thoughts on “Ben Stein – Douche Bag of the Month

  1. The more I read about this case, the more I avoid it to keep my blood pressure down. Ugh. I cannot stand rape apologists and the blatant misogyny directed at Black women is utterly appalling. This case is a glaring example of that.

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