Trying to Get Back in the Saddle

I haven’t posted much on this blog lately.  There are several reasons for this which I want to let you know about because I believe that I owe it to you, my readers, who (hopefully) look forward to reading my blog.

The first reason is that I moved from an apartment to a townhouse about a month ago and have been pretty busy settling in.

The second reason is personal family issues, the details of which I can’t go into here.

The final reason is that I have met the woman of my dreams and we have been spending as much time together as possible.  After two failed marriages to narcissists (for both of us), being with someone who is honest, open, and giving is an amazing experience, one which we intend to make the most of.  

Now that I’ve settled into the new home, and my sweetheart and I are settling down into something of a routine, I think I will be able to start devoting more time to writing, especially on this blog.


4 thoughts on “Trying to Get Back in the Saddle

  1. After a long day in the heat of the Florida sun, I decided to find some refreshing in the swimming pool. As I was enjoying the water, I was suddenly accosted by a very rude misquito. This particular misquito had much michief on his mind. So I killed it.
    I began to contemplate the possible ramifications of my selfish actions that caused the fatality of another species. Sure it was just a misquito, but what if this misquito had gone through some genetic mutation that would be the early stages of some new higher form of evolution. Maybe I killed and destroyed the genetic information that perhaps could have evolved into maybe even a super-human race of hominoids, far superior to us.
    I was responsible for possibly setting back evolution by millions and millions of years by this one thoughtless and selfish act. Far be it from me to the one responsible for such a tradgedy.
    I purposed to never destroy any living thing again. No animals for food, no insect control, not even plants (they evolve as well). I will get my nutrients needed to sustain my life from vitamins and mineral supplements.
    But how can I morally even do that? Vitamins and minerals are chemicals and they make up the building blocks of life. Given enough time, the elements could mix together in just the right portions and be struck by a random bolt of lightning and form an amino acid or something. If I had ingested a certain amount of something, I could have unwittingly become a road block to the advances of evolution, causing a deficiency in a certain chemical I selfishly imbibed.
    Oh no! What was I to do? My very existance meant that I could possibly be inhibiting the evolution and developement of a higher order of life.
    Luckily, natural selection reared its ugly head. I realized that if i had killed a misquito that had mutated, then that mutation could not have been a positive mutation, otherwise the misquito would have had the intelligence not to attack me. Or perhaps the mutation would have been one of a protected outer shell on his body preventing me from crushing his guts all over the place. Since I was able to kill him, survival of the fittest determined that this particular misquito, with all his genetic coding, was weak and therefore did not offer viable advancement of the evolutionary process.
    I began to feel great. I was justified. Perhaps I was actually helping evolution by culling the herd. Helping to speed up the process by eliminating those that are weak or have inferior genetics.
    I began to think of ways that I could even be more of an aid to Darwinian Evolution. I began to think of other ways I could “cull” the herd. I could reinforce certain desirable criterior and eliminate negative characteristics, therefore assisting evolution and speeding up the process.
    Firstly, we could make sure that no body with any undesirable traits could reproduce. (This would weed out any negative genetic mutation until it dies out and ceases to exist) Afterall survival of the fittest. So the next logical step would be force sterilization of any person with a birth defect, diminished mental capacity, or any hereditary disease.
    Secondly, we should prevent the birth of any such mutations in the future. With the advances in medical technology today we can discover many abnormalities while the fetus is still in the uterus. Once one such undesirable trait is discovered, we could abort the fetus so as to prevent the possiblity of the propagation of such a mutation.
    We could even be more effective by being pro active in this area. Instead of waiting for a negative mutation we could reinforce desirable traits by selective breeding in humans. Only allow those of the greatest physical abilityies and the greatest minds to mate with each other. Promoting better chances of more desirable offspring. If offspring is conceived, even if its physical characteristics are desirable; we also need to examine the social and economical enviroment that it would be born into. ( as well as other parameters)
    For instance, suppose, genetically, there is no physical or mental problem with a fetus, but it would be born into a poor family that might neglect him therefore possibly preventing that offspring from reaching his full potential. That fetus could also be aborted. Thus we would want to create an enviroment that would optimize the benefits of the evolutionary process.
    Why stop there? There are those who are already alive and offer no productivity into society, but rather just use resources that could be more efficiently used by an “elite” group of productive members of society with desired characteristics. Logically it would serve society and evolution to euthanize them so they would not drain our limited resources.
    For that matter, we could weed out those who are small, those who are prone to gain weight, and those who do not have blond hair. This is an excellent way of helping evolution achieve the next step in creating a (for lack of better term) a “master race.”
    To be more energetic and enthusiastic, we could really help Darwinian evolution by exterminating all undesirables, maybe even a race of people tht have done nothing but cause trouble all throughout history. Say for instance, the Jews.

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