Fuck Nature! So Saith the Lord Our God

The St. Petersburg Times is reporting that a group of local tea partiers are fighting a U.S. Fish and Wildlife plan to restrict boating and other human activity in Kings Bay in Florida.  While there is reasonable opposition from other local groups such as The Crystal River City Council and Citrus County Commission due to concerns over the potential negative financial impact of the proposed regulation on the local economy, the Citrus County tea party group is claiming the Bible as their reason for opposing it.

“We cannot elevate nature above people,” explained Edna Mattos, 63, leader of the Citrus County Tea Party Patriots, in an interview. “That’s against the Bible and the Bill of Rights.”

Federal officials “want to restrict the entire bay,” she contended. “They don’t want people here.”

Mattos then went on to tie the regulations into a conspiracy by the U.N.  According to the Times she said:

“We believe that (federal regulators’) aim is to control the fish and wildlife, in addition to the use of the land that surrounds this area, and the people that live here and visit. … As most of us know, this all ties in to the United Nations’ Agenda 21 and Sustainability.”

Agenda 21 is a program, adopted by the U.N. in 1992, to encourage countries around the world to promote only development that does not harm nature. Pundit Glenn Beck and other conservatives have attacked it as an attempt to impose world government’s rules on every aspect of American lives. The Citrus County tea party group’s website says Agenda 21 is “designed to make humans into livestock.”

This is just one more example of the tea party’s efforts to use the Bible and their religious beliefs  to influence how government operates and is an insidious attempt to move our country toward a theocracy based on the Bible and the idea that the U.S. is a Christian nation.   Their crazy idea of a worldwide U.N. conspiracy, “designed to make humans into livestock”, shows just how delusional these people can be.

As for it being against the Bill of Rights, I think she needs to go and actually read that document.  Like many tea partiers, she loves to wave the constitution in everyone’s faces, but has no idea what it really says or means.  The Bill of Rights does not guarantee the right to boat or swim or do whatever we want to do in Kings Bay.  While the rights of private land owners are certainly protected by the constitution, that same document also provides the ability of the U.S. and state governmenst to set aside land for “public use”.  The laws protecting the manatees have been in place since the 1980’s and much of the land in and around Kings Bay have been designated a U.S. Wildlife Refuge since that time.  The Supreme Court has held that the federal government and each state has the power of eminent domain—the power to take private property for “public use”, based upon the “taking” clause of the fifth amendment.  In fact, there were public hearings just last week on the proposed restrictions, which the tea partiers picketed, as is their right.  It would seem that the U.S. government is following the constitution, while the tea party, ignorant of that document that they love to constantly mention, would attempt to strip us of many of the rights that it guarantees, especially the establishment clause that outlines the separation of church and state.

Normally, I’d just sluff this off as the mad ravings of a bunch of crack pots.  The scary thing here is that the tea party has already put members into public offices all across the country.  The fact that Michelle Bachman won a straw poll in Iowa, making her the current leading candidate for the Republican Presidential nomination is frightening beyond belief.  I thought that George W. Bush was bad, but Bachman would be a greater disaster for this country than he could ever have been.  There is good reason they are often referred to as the “American Taliban”.   A Christian theocracy would stifle our ability to innovate scientifically and technologically, leave millions of poor and middle class Americans with no health care and no safety net, and allow capitalism to run rampant and unregulated, exalting the greed of corporations and the rich to the detriment of the majority of poor, working class, and middle class Americans.  Those of other faiths (or of no faith at all) could likely become second class citizens in their own country.

This issue in Florida may seem to be just a local concern, but it is an example of what is happening all across the country as the religious zealots of the tea party attempt to foist their religious inspired beliefs and delusional conspiracy theories upon the rest of us.  They have openly stated their intent to make the U.S. a Christian nation governed by the laws of the Bible.  The threat from these know nothings goes far beyond the Patriot Act ever could and raises the specter of another age of McCarthyism, but one that could have far more lasting impact.


2 thoughts on “Fuck Nature! So Saith the Lord Our God

  1. You are Beginning to sound like me! 😉 GREAT post sir! RAISE THE ALARM These people ARE trying to take our country.

    This is from a post on my blog and I think you and I are expressing the same concerns.

    “I know that the Christians are not stupid. They know that they are violating the separation of church and state. They are intent on breaking it. It is their desire to break it. They are bound and determined to turn this in to a Christian Country, contrary to everything the founding fathers were trying to accomplish. They will continue to do it with a thousand little cuts at the bill of rights. And as long as well meaning followers are too stupid to understand WHY the separation exists, why our founding fathers felt it was so critical, then their leaders will continue to succeed at chipping away at our rights. All of our rights. We will become the Christian equivalent of Iran. Jews, Muslims, the “wrong” kind of Christians, Hindu’s, et al, will become second class citizens and this country will cease to be this country.”

    The Tea Party represents, in my mind, the greatest risk to the bill of rights and to this country in generations.

  2. They seem to leave out the biblical instruction of being good stewards. Like the Constitution, they cherry-pick their biblical scriptures for justification of their own weak-minded opinions.

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