A Science Teacher Stands Up For Science

From PZ Myers comes the story of a science teacher who wasn’t afraid to stand up for science and critical thinking.  The best part is that a judge in a lawsuit against the teacher by a Christian student defended the right, and the necessity, of promoting critical thinking and questioning dogma.   It is good to see the fundgelicals called on the mat for their attempts to insert their archaic, tribal beliefs into our educational system.  Yea for science and critical thinking!


One thought on “A Science Teacher Stands Up For Science

  1. Why is it “Freethinkers” think that attacking christianity and religion proves the theory of evolution?
    NEWS FLASH: even if creation and intelligent design are false…it still does not prove evolution.
    Scientific fact is not based on popular vote

    IS it because your theories cannot stand on their own substance that you belittle others? are you so insecure about your beliefs that you constantly must attack those beliefs of others?
    You try to portray yourselves as tolerance intellectuals but I have found you to be nothing but self deceived and rude bullies

    I have yet to find one “free thinker” who actually is a thinker.
    Oh by the way “Critical thinking” does not mean you must think of something to be critical of.

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