The Tea Party and Fairness (or lack thereof)

Tea Party Republican Congressman John Fleming, speaking about President Obama’s plan to raise taxed on the very rich made a statement in an MSNBC interview. “…by the time I feed my family, I have maybe $400,000 leftover.”  Granted, he was talking about only having $400,000 to reinvest in his businesses, but still, his overall attitude during the interview was one of being completely out of touch with what the average American has to deal with.   I also would say that the interviewer was obviously biased against the Congressman and the statements and conclusions the interviewer drew were soaked in hyperbole.

Despite this, Congressman Fleming’s comments  show just how out of touch with average Americans the Tea Party types are.


2 thoughts on “The Tea Party and Fairness (or lack thereof)

  1. It has been happening since the politics and political parties inception
    as they are more intelligent than you are,of course in terms of only
    You can teach them at school, at church whatever the place is ———result, maximum don’t believe in ‘Ethics’ rather -success at any cost-
    It is sarcasm enough we need meritorious guys from the school but never think if we don’t possess ethics ——–these types of meritorious guys bring you more pain as they did in the past=========first world war, 2nd world war etc. Let us well come better education as well as ethics at the same time————–world will be safer for your kids.

    Pls. see at to ‘Regarding better education’ Tom Head’s guide forum.

  2. koreanlab> very good insight. Real education, ot indoctrination, and ethics..what a concept. If we add accountability and responsibility I think we would have a winning solution.

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