Alternative Medicine = What’s the Harm?

When skeptics point out the fact that alternative medicine like homeopathy and naturopathy don’t work, people ask, “What’s the harm?”  Brian Dunning from has a very sad and poignant example of just what the harm can be.  He opines that Steve Jobs might still be with us if he had pursued modern medical treatment earlier rather than naturopathy.  Go read the article.

If you want to read many more stories about the harm of alternative medical treatments, go to What’s the Harm.


One thought on “Alternative Medicine = What’s the Harm?

  1. I have long been a critic of the voodoo medical world: Naturopathy, Homeopathy, accupuncture…… And the reason I battle them is exactly this. Because they do harm. By fooling people in to thinking these alternative treatment will actually do some good people delay actual treatment. My mother died from Pancreatic cancer. Hers was not an operable type. It angers me that a person that was as brilliant as Jobs followed the voodoo instead of having a surgery that would have saved his life.

    Homeopaths and Naturopaths are killing people with lies.

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