Its All About (warped) Proirites

PZ Myers had a blog post about a terrible Mississippi proposed law that would declare a fertilized human egg a person.  The consequences are dire for mother’s and babies.  I am not going to try to speak to this since PZ does it much better than I can.  Please go read it.  Comment there and/or here.



3 thoughts on “Its All About (warped) Proirites

  1. This is INSANE!! How can they possibly prove that life begins at conception?? They can’t be serious about this, can they? PZ is right. A fertilized ovum is alive the same way a polyp or a cancer cell are alive.

    • I have no doubt they are serious. They even have a doctor explaining the “science” behind it. It is scary that science can be twisted and used by those with religious agendas.

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